Shocking: Oregon’s New Gender Neutral Efforts Could Aid Criminals!

July 3rd a policy took effect in Oregon, in a precedent which originally occurred only outside of the United States. It is now an option on state identification cards that you can check an ‘X’ for gender if you identify as a non-binary individual, as opposed to, a ‘M’ or ‘F’ for male or female.

CBS News reported:

While changing gender from male to female or vice versa on an Oregon ID card requires either a doctor’s certification, court order or birth certificate or passport with the amended gender, anyone can opt out of gender by choosing “X” without additional paperwork.

Days after Oregon rolled out their new policy, Washington, D.C. followed suit with a third option for gender on their driver’s license. Many states are expected to implement similar policies.

The LGBT community is praising the changes. Amy Herzfeld-Copple, executive director of LGBT activist group Basic Rights Oregon, said, “We’re excited by the DMV proposal”.

In all this politically correct propaganda, the practical negative implications of this move aren’t being discussed or considered. Law enforcement, correctional agencies, and states are notified whenever a change is made to a state driver’s license. This notification only gives the law agencies a heads-up that their job just got a little more complicated.

When a crime is committed often a perpetrator can be identified by their fingerprints that pulls up identification in a database. When this pulls up an ‘X’ for gender it can be ambiguous who you are looking for, in addition to transgender individuals reserving the “right” to transition from appearing as one gender to the other on a day to day basis. Only the biological gender remains constant.

In a morgue, a body found will be identified by the biological anatomy. When loved ones ask to see the body of “they,” it’s not going to work; a biological gender will have to be identified. Searching for a missing gender ‘X’ person can be difficult.

This gender ambiguity also lays grounds for illegal activities by allowing individuals to not portray their identification in order to fraud an entity. At a bank, a check may be cashed by someone who doesn’t represent the photo completely but checked the ‘X’ box which urges the teller not to ask questions.

PBS reported on “Dana Zzyym, an intersex and non-binary person who sued the State Department after they were denied a passport.” This shows that in the U.S., gender ambiguity is attempted to be pushed past the point of practical and safe application.

The State Department reported:

Allowing passports with sex markers other than ‘F’ or ‘M’ would compromise the department’s efforts to prevent identity theft and passport fraud by upending the department’s long-established system for validating the identity and citizenship of passport applicants and requiring the department to rely on less reliable and less uniform identification documents.”

The LGBT want to use legal documents, designed to aid this nation by stating facts, to make them more comfortable in their choices. That is not the purpose of a legal document.

A commenter on a PBS report regarding Oregon’s new id policy said, “I have no intentions of coming out to my employer at the moment, primarily because they don’t seem to have a decent grasp on basic trans issues. Having an official form or ID might make it easier to come out.”

Another commenter screen named Ysbeth wrote,

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Your driver’s license is not supposed to make you feel good. It’s supposed to help police, Emergency personnel, liquor store owners, bar owners, and etc positively ID you and is supposed to go by physical characteristics. If you are lying dead in a morgue your genitals will be obvious buy how you feel about them won’t. The fact that this guy doesn’t believe he is one gender or the other isn’t relevant when it comes to ID cards.”

The New York Times reported “one in five have yet to disclose their transgender status to any medical provider.” This poses significant medical dangers. If an individual comes into the Emergency room with the gender marked ‘X’, in efforts to hastily save them mistakes could be made.

The FDA reported:

More and more, scientists are realizing that the differences are dangerously understudied and that pervasively and fundamentally, sex matters.

Take aspirin. Low-dose aspirin lowers the risk of heart attacks in healthy men; but in healthy women, turns out it doesn’t though it does protect women against stroke. And drugs are just the beginning. Sex differences have been found in pain receptors, liver enzymes, even the wiring of the brain.”

Out of the 1.4 million people who identify as transgender, it is important to remember that though it is their choice to call themselves whatever they want, in important pertinent legal documentation is not a right to construe the law however one sees fit.