SICKENING: The Left Exploited These Young Girls For Profit

Liberals are known to push boundaries, using everyone and everything around them to make a political point.

No one is off limits according to them, and they’ll exploit anything for a profit.

But this time, they stooped even lower than ever. In fact, you won’t believe what they just did to innocent 6-year-old girls.

Little children should be outside playing, not being used as pawns to ram a political point.

But leftists don’t care, which is why they selected young children to promote their anti-Trump hate-laced message.

But it gets worse.

These girls aren’t just spouting off left-wing talking points, they’ve been deemed the “potty-mouthed princesses”, and are seen muttering vulgarities for a profit.

LifeSite News reported:

“ achieved notoriety in 2014 with a video entitled “Potty-mouthed Princesses.” In that advertisement, little girls ages 6 to 13 let loose a tirade of profanity-laden thoughts on such adult topics as wage disparity, sexual assault, and rape. is owned by Synergy Media, a for-profit marketing company. According to its website, FCKH8 “has raised over $280,000 for equality causes, arming thousands of people with pro-LGBT equality, anti-racism and anti-sexism T-shirts that act as ‘mini-billboards’ for progress.”

 The company is now selling pink “pussy hats” and related T-shirts through a website called PussyScouts. In an online advertisement released yesterday, pre-pubescent girls in pink “pussy hats” and mock Girl Scout uniforms perform an obscenity-laced “rap” about Donald Trump”.

 Due to the absolute vulgarity and distasteful video, Mommy Underground refuses to provide the link.

These little girls are being exploited around the world, as leftist thugs cheer them on.

It’s absolutely repulsive.

LifeSite News reported just some of the vulgar words uttered by these young girls:

 “Granny be droppin’ a beat that’s sick.

 “We’re gonna rap about a prez who’s a sexist d***

 “Ya call women ‘fat pigs,’ show us no respect.

 “Try to grab my p***? You’re gonna get wrecked.”

 (At this a snarling girl drives a fist into the palm of her fake fingernail-adorned hand.)

 “Cuttin’ Planned Parenthood healthcare,

 “An agenda more ****ed than your ****ed-up hair.”

 (Here a girl makes an obscene gesture with both hands.)

 “You said of ladies, you gotta ‘treat ‘em like ****

 “Accused rapist, sex assault culprit.

 “Like Princess Leia choked out Jabba the Hutt

 “The Women’s March showed women’s mouths can’t be shut.”

 “Super callous fraudster rapist sexist not my POTUS.

 “Bull**** racist Muslim ban

 “You’re loved by Nazis and the Ka-Ka-Klan … ”

There are no words.

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To force young children to spout profanity, to misuse young girls this way, is beyond horrific.

As if they couldn’t go any lower, the left proves they can, in fact, hit a new rock bottom.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does.

Future plans include making cookies shaped as female body parts and selling them.

And 100 percent of the profits is directed straight to Planned Parenthood.

Using young girls to sell cookies to fund abortions and rap obscene lyrics shows the disregard the left has to protect the innocence of these young girls.

What are your thoughts on using young girls to rap vulgar lyrics bashing President Trump?

Do you think the company should pull the ad immediately?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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