Social Media Post Brings Justice For Innocent Victims Of “Work Prank”

Expectant parents cannot wait to welcome their new little ones into the world.  They are full of excitement to meet their newborn face-to-face and hold them in their arms for the first time.

And other than packing all the essentials in mom’s hospital bag, most new parents would say having their camera with them to record those first precious days is the most important item to bring.

But photos have surfaced online of some newborns in a Florida hospital – and they will leave you shocked and infuriated.

Recently, a woman received photos on her cell phone through Snapchat.  What she saw was disturbing, to say the least, and led her to share the images on social media so that something could be done about them.

The photos were taken by a nurse at Naval Hospital Jacksonville and captured her and other patient care staff mistreating newborn infants.

The Blaze reported:

In one photo, an unidentified staff member is reportedly giving the middle finger gesture to a newborn, alongside the caption “How I currently feel about these mini Satans,”

The next post allegedly featured a nurse making a newborn dance with rap music playing in the background. A Facebook user blurred the newborns’ faces out before sharing screenshots of the photos and video on Facebook, and urged others to call Naval Hospital Jacksonville and report the incident.

The images were shared thousands of times and a public outcry has arisen at the insensitive and outrageous behavior by the staff.

Naval Hospital Jacksonville became aware of the photos and issued a statement on their Facebook page following the images going viral:

“Naval Hospital Jacksonville’s Commanding Officer sends: We are aware of a video / photo posted online. It’s outrageous, unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and cannot be tolerated. We have identified those involved — two junior enlisted staff. They have been removed from patient care and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice. We’ve notified the patient’s parents.”

Even in innocent circumstances, such as taking a photo with a favorite patient upon their release, HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)  regulations prohibit most photography of patients without their consent.

Only in cases of security cameras or documentation of abuse, neglect, or malpractice can a patient’s photo be taken without consent.  Other than a family member taking a hospital photo, there are very few exceptions to photography in a medical facility without consent.

Not only were these photos not consented to by family members, they were taken in the most malicious way possible – and unbelievably – transmitted over social media.

How any staff member at a medical facility could fathom that this was acceptable is beyond comprehension.  To mock any patient is inexcusable, but what makes this situation even more heinous is that trusted caregivers took advantage of the most innocent of patients – newborn infants.

Not only were the infants mocked and treated like toys, they were put in physical danger by being bounced around and not receiving proper head support.

The offending staff members have been removed from patient care and are facing disciplinary action, however, it has not been released whether they have been fired from their positions or face discharge from the Navy.

The San Diego Tribune reported on new measures being taken in Naval medical facilities in response to the incident:

The Navy Surgeon General has issued strict new guidance, including a ban on employee cell phones and a “stand down” for ethics training.

“As health care professionals, we are entrusted with the lives and well-being of all those who have volunteered to defend our freedom, including their families,” Vice Adm. Forrest Faison said.

This case showcases the two extremes of social media use – our society often shows a  lack of common sense and welcomes an invasion of privacy by sharing inappropriate images or messages that may cause some kind of harm or embarrassment to themselves or others.

But, sharing a post like this in order to raise awareness for an injustice or to call attention to a dangerous situation can benefit others by preventing someone from being injured, humiliated, or worse.

We can only hope this serves as a lesson – and a warning — to anyone thinking of committing and posting an atrocious act such as this one.

What do you think about this horrific display by medical staff?

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