Staten Island Bans One Of School’s Most Innocent Traditions

The left has been chipping away at all aspects of family normalcy. They won’t rest until every member of a family unit is gender ambiguous, and role universal.

We are designed to fulfill certain familial roles. That is why transgender individuals have to try so hard to become someone else; they first have to convince themselves, then their loved ones, and then the world by trying to alter their appearance.

An overwhelming majority of families enjoy their God-given position as a mother, father, son, or daughter, and don’t even consider anything different.

Now, the liberal American destroyers have infiltrated an innocent special event between a girl and her father.

Fox Insider reported:

“A Staten Island elementary school cancelled its traditional father-daughter dance because of the Department of Education’s (DOE) new gender guidelines.

PS 65 had the event scheduled for Friday, February 9, until the school’s parent-teacher association realized it would not comply with the Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Student Guidelines, which went into effect in March 2017.”

This event geared towards young ladies who are at a pivotal point of development, where knowing how they should be treated is taught by the actions of her father.

The father-daughter dance gives the two a beloved bonding time, where a young girl’s father can treat her like a princess, and have fun in the process.

Activist Mommy puts it well:

the elementary school tradition of the father-daughter dance. Normally a very sweet event for fathers and daughters to attend together that affirms the important role fathers play in their daughter’s lives and an all-around wholesome social event for young girls and the most important men in their lives.

Of course, in Staten Island, a social event that recognized both gender (fathers, daughters), and traditional family roles (…fathers, daughters), was entirely too politically incorrect and “triggering” to be allowed to happen.”

It is not right to cancel every event just because someone who can’t come may be upset about it. If someone who identifies as a movie star isn’t invited to the Oscars, they aren’t going to cancel the whole event.

Where will the madness stop?

The cancellation is obviously more of a progressive opportunity to point out how transgender people are different and special, and they should have the world bending to their whims.

It is putting a particular class of people above another, it is telling the world if you decide to show you are confused about the way God made you then you can use society as your pedestal.

The LGBT community doesn’t think twice when scheduling drag queen events and marches specifically coordinated to display the life of homosexuals.

Wouldn’t it be the liberal way to allow everyone to have an event to celebrate the way they choose to live their life? Oh, that’s right, it’s only when the life you choose lines up with their disturbing idea of the new world citizen.

Fox Insider revealed the excuse made for cancelling the dance:

Father-daughter dances inherently leave people out. Not just because of transgender status, just life in general,” said Jared Fox, the DOE’s LGBT community liaison. “These can be really uncomfortable and triggering events.”

The event is optional, so if it is uncomfortable then you don’t go. Selecting student body president is uncomfortable and “triggering” for the student who doesn’t win and every student can’t enter, but they continue to hold those events.

Many of the parents are upset with the cancellation of the dance they looked forward to all year.

Matthew West, a father of two girls at the school, said, “They’re trying to take away everything that everybody grew up on and has come to know, and I don’t think it’s fair or right,” according to the New York Post. Adding, “They should leave it the way it was — father-daughter, mother-son.”

Fox Insider reported another dissatisfied parent:

It’s not fair at all,” said Jose Garcia, who’s gone to past dances with his daughter. “I have nothing against no one, but I don’t think that it should affect the school, or the kids for that matter.”

“All this gender crap needs to just stop,” said mom Akaia Cameron, adding her third-grader had a “great time” with dad last year.”

In an effort to ease the LBGT’s sensitivities, the school rescheduled a dance for any kid with any caregiver, non-gender specific.

Even Donald Trump Jr. chimed in on the event and tweeted “This nonsense really needs to stop.”

It is unrealistic to have every occasion and event altered to appease every type of person. You can bet liberal coordinators are not adjusting their marches to make sure they don’t offend Christians.

The one-sided hypocrisy is excruciating, and to echo common thought, needs to stop. Those young girls had their special evening stolen by selfish and confused individuals looking to cater to only their desires.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about cancelling a father-daughter dance because of “diversity laws”, and if you think the law is being twisted against traditional families.

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