Study Shows Innate Gender Traits Proving Liberal Doctrine To Be False

The transgender movement has gone too far. We have seen many recent headlines that highlight the dark depths the left has plunged into, as they manipulate the public into embracing identity confusion.

Children are being attacked by this ruthless agenda as well. Progressives, who want to normalize the unnatural lifestyle of rejecting the way you were created, are designing items to purchase that brainwash young children into thinking the way they were made is a mistake.

It is unhealthy and psychologically damaging to lead people on to think that because they are having self-esteem issues, or identity confusion, that it means they should try to become someone else.

Most of the opposition the left asserts to try and defend transgender arguments is a cannonball of emotional rhetoric that preys on people’s sensitivities.

So, in the end, if you defend the traditional family unit, or that people should support their biological gender, that means that you don’t want people to be happy and that bigotry is being demonstrated.

A recent study, however, has given empirical evidence to children’s innate tendencies toward supporting biological gender.

The Daily Wire reported:

A meta-data study published in the journal “Infant and Child Development” by John A. Barry of University College London’s Institute for Women’s Health, as well as colleagues from other universities, has found that young children tend to prefer toys “typed to their gender,” reports PsyPost.”

The studies were done in many countries, over a span of 36 years. The sample size was 1,600 children, split almost in half between boys and girls.

Using such a diverse geographical area, and extended time period, legitimizes the study’s conclusions, showing that its results weren’t affected by culture or current standards.

The research revealed that “boys played with male-typed toys more than girls did, and girls played with female-typed toys more than boys did.”

Of course, there are toys that are gender neutral because they are directed toward intellectual advancement, and not gender roles, such as blocks, and toys that teach preschool concepts (numbers, colors, and letters).

These types of toys were included in the study, along with the variances of the age of participants and the “presence of an adult”, but they held no “significant effect” reported the researchers, according to The Daily Wire.

The study suggested, additionally, the toy a child preferred had both “innate and social forces.”

The Daily Wire reported:

There are some details that indicate that as time goes by, social influence plays a larger role in the choosing of gender-typed toys:

… further analysis of data for boys and girls separately revealed that older boys played more with male-typed toys relative to female-typed toys than did younger boys. Additionally, an effect of the length of time since study publication was found: girls played more with female-typed toys in earlier studies than in later studies, whereas boys played more with male-typed toys in earlier studies than in more recent studies. Boys also played with male-typed toys less when observed in the home than in a laboratory. Findings are discussed in terms of possible contributions of environmental influences and age-related changes in boys’ and girls’ toy preferences.”

This social change of children playing with less of their gender-typed toys at home could be for the simple reason that children mimic the adults around them as part of social learning.

A boy may want to rock a baby asleep as he sees his mom doing, but is eager to join his brother to play superheroes as he passes by.

A girl may like to pretend to fix the toy car like she saw daddy doing, but joyfully runs to grab a doll when her sister asks to play.

The study reviewed shows statistically significant innate behaviors for boys and girls. Showing that natural biology does affect choice and general tendencies.

When caregivers introduce social influences that push children into denying their true identity, it is cruel. Children are extremely vulnerable to social influence and often aim to behave for reward.

The praise society and caregivers give children when they demonstrate transgender behavior and appearance, only reinforces their distorted view of who they are meant to be.

Gender is not entirely social restructuring. There is credence to living your life the way you were created.

Liberals will probably view this study and conjure up something wrong with it. As all evidence points to, the left-wing agenda only favors fact when the fact validates their disturbing agenda.

Every individual is created with purpose and design. If liberals could use all the energy they spend on trying to justify all the indecencies in the world, on building self-worth in each individual the way they are, the world would be an entirely different place.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about parents supporting a child’s tendency toward behavior of the opposite gender.

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