Study Shows Which Are the Happiest Marriages

Traditional marriages are constantly under attack by progressives who would like to see the union between husband and wife become the minority.

These efforts are known by conservatives to be detrimental to families and destructive to the survival of moral society.

Now, the truths behind the design and functionality of the heterosexual marriage is no longer a secret to the general public as research reveals exactly what liberals need to hear.

The New York Times is known for their left-leaning publications, supporting alternative lifestyles.

Despite the New York Times’ efforts to twist the data in support of a liberal agenda, the results of a foundational study peered through the babble.

The Daily Wire reports:

In a shocking turn of events, the New York Times published an article confirming that religious conservative women are happier in their marriages than non-religious women. The shocking thing about these findings is that the Times published them.”

A sociology professor at the University of Virginia, a professor of marriage and family studies at Brigham Young University, and an adjunct lecturer in the sociology department at Georgetown University were all part of the in-depth study.

The researchers found that 73% of wives “who hold conservative gender values and attend religious services regularly with their husbands have high-quality marriages,” according to The Daily Wire.

This is not surprising!

Women who have a strong identity, and aren’t confused by the way God made them, would not be bogged down by the mental effort that goes into making a big deal out of something you can’t change.

Goes to show why the op-ed piece adds that “Women in highly religious relationships are about 50% more likely to report that they are strongly satisfied with their sexual relationship than their secular and less religious counterparts.”

Heterosexual marriages don’t have the confusion, guilt, and struggles that homosexual relationships generally have.

The study was appropriately titled, “The Ties That Bind: Is Faith A Global Force for Good Or Ill In The Family.”

The answer is yes! Conservatives’ faith is a global force for good.

It’s not just satisfaction that religious, conservative women are getting in their marriages, but a higher quality of relationship.

The study states:

When it comes to relationship quality in heterosexual relationships, highly religious couples enjoy higher-quality relationships.”

Male involvement in the home was one of the necessary aspects of a satisfied marriage, but not in the way a secular couple would imagine it to be.

The secular idea of marriage is that everything is 50/50. Both parties bring in money, do housework, care for the children, etc.

While this is preposterously impossible- like how the man is taking turns bearing the children- it is fixated on an egalitarian marriage, as Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire points out.

Man and woman are not the same- big surprise. However, because they are not equally the same does not mean they are not equally important.

Our gender differences need to be celebrated and supported, not squeezed all together so that no one knows their role or purpose.

Walsh shares his insight that “religion offers a remedy by focusing the spouses on service and sacrifice rather than equality and sameness.”

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Religion also gives deeper meaning to marriages, rather than a convenient arrangement because you love someone and are hanging out all the time anyway.

Almost half of marriages end in divorce, according to the CDC, so there is something to be said with the study’s findings.

Walsh concludes:

All in all, it’s clear that religion is good for marriage and good for your emotional health. I’m pleased to see the New York Times acknowledge the fact.”

Attending religious services or groups tends to add the much-needed support for maintaining a healthy marriage as well, adding to its long-lasting satisfaction.

The conservative approach to family is tried and true. Progressives want to “fix” a system that wasn’t broken.

It’s time we start focusing on repairing the emotional and psychological states of those that have lost their purpose, rather than trying to change the purpose itself.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about the study, and how it will impact the progressive movement.