Study Tries To Claim Teenage Boys Are Better Off With Abortions

Bringing a life into this world is something that will change you in ways you never thought imaginable, making you a better person.

The left wants to strip all that is good away, leading Americans to believe that children are a burden, a hindrance from breaking glass ceilings, and a ball and chain you can’t escape- but we know better!

A liberal study is looking to deter young men from leading a moral life of chivalry and lead them down a road of regret and waywardness.

In a depraved look into the lives of adolescent men who impregnated a young lady, the absolute worst advice is insinuated. 

It suggests that their lives would turn out better if the pregnant young ladies murder their children in the womb, annulling any responsibility from the father. 

Of course, the study tries to title these young men as “would-be fathers”, when a life has already been formed, making them an active “father” the moment the female conceived. 

The relative term “better” is defined by the study as having a higher level of formal education and a more lucrative career.

The Journal of Adolescent Health found that young men who were “involved” in a pregnancy (as if they stumbled upon the scene of a woman pregnant and had nothing to do with her getting there) before the age of 20 that ended in abortion were more “likely” to go further in their education past high-school.

The study doesn’t even attempt to say that they will pursue that route if they convince their scared impregnated girlfriend to end her child’s life, but that basically they will have the time to do it.

This tactic aims to guilt mothers into abortions, making them believe they are taking away all future opportunities at a “stable life” from the father if they let the natural consequence of their actions play out. 

Adding to the liberal guilt tactic is lead study author Bethany Everett of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. 

Everett said, according to Yahoo News:

As we see more abortion restrictions being passed across many states, it’s important to consider the potential broader consequence of these restrictions.” 

Now this brainwashed researcher wants people to believe that efforts to save the lives of countless children is ruining the lives of our adolescent male population.

Quite ironic, don’t you think?

Everett adds:

“We are seeing an influx of laws being passed that criminalize women who have abortions and abortion providers, and yet we never discuss male partners and how they may benefit from access to abortion.” 

Among the participants of the study, 6% of the young men whose partner went on to give birth graduated from college, in comparison with 22% who had abortions. 

It was also found that the annual income differed between the two groups, but not significantly:

Teenage fathers were earning an average of about $33,000 a year at the time they were interviewed while those who did not become teen fathers had about $39,000 in annual income.”

Everett and her colleagues strictly focus on tangible factors in deciding if these young men went on to have “better” lives. 

What is not considered is that a higher quality of living doesn’t always involve how long you go to school, or how much money you have in the bank account. 

Looking at the other side of the coin, Luciana Assini-Meytin of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland said, according to Yahoo News:

“Not all adolescents who experience teen parenting are doomed to a life of poor outcomes. Some do well, despite an early childbirth..We need to better understand the mechanisms by which teen fathers are able to succeed.”

Lying beneath the surface of society’s definition of success is a vast world of cognitive, emotional, and psychological benefits to becoming a father; no matter the age. 

As the male interacts with his offspring, new neurons are being formed in the brain, Live Science reports:

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“Fatherhood also affects dads at the neuronal level. The birth of a child seems to induce development of new neurons in the brain of fathers..”

A study by Bar-Ilan University in Israel shows how the process of becoming a father makes you smarter, building neurons where “higher, more conscious cognitive functions sit, such as thought, goal orientation, planning and problem solving,” reports the NY Times.

Dr. Anna Machin, Ph.D., from the University of Oxford, tells the NY Times about the hormonal shifts in both parents after the birth of a child.

The father along with the mother receives mood boosting releases of hormones to enrich their lives as a family. 

Not only the mother’s body, but the fathers as well is perfectly designed to benefit the traditional family unit.

Going the unnatural and inhumane route of receiving an abortion takes away the opportunity for the father to shed those first tears of joy at the sight of their child being born, and the privilege of being able to share in the enriching moments along the way of child-rearing. 

In the end, it is not the slightly better job or piece of paper on the wall that is going to define a man, but the actions they took when life was at its toughest. 

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the appalling study, and how it could affect an already misled generation of young men. 




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