Supporting The Unappreciated

Being a mom is the most rewarding job on the planet. Unfortunately, it is also the most unappreciated.

Let’s get real — motherhood is hard. It requires many skills and constantly putting the needs of others before your own, which is bound to leave you feeling overwhelmed and feeling like your efforts go unacknowledged sometimes.

But just what does the typical day in the life of a mom look like? You may not realize just how much you are actually doing every day until you see it in writing.

For most moms the day starts early and is accompanied by boisterous children.

You may have already gotten up multiple times throughout the night with the baby or toddler.

The morning is full of duties to keep everything moving smoothly and everyone getting to work and school on time. There are lunches to be packed, clothes to be chosen or inspected, breakfasts to be made and ensuring that everyone eats it, books to be found, papers to sign and shoes to be found.

In fact, many moms’ morning routines are nothing short of a marathon run compacted into an hour’s time!

So take a moment to pat yourself on the back and take a quick breather. Make sure you took care of your own needs, especially eating a good breakfast, while you were making sure everyone else was taken care of.

Ok, now back to work.

What’s on today’s schedule: You’ll need to feed the baby and change diapers 10 more times throughout the day. On top of that you have: laundry, clean the kitchen, figure out what that thing is stuck in the carpet, give up on saving the carpet, vacuum and mop the floors, meal plan, make lunch for yourself and any young children still at home, check on your school-aged children via the school’s app, put the little kids down for naptime, check your email, attempt to answer a few emails and get some work done, make to-do-list, pick up toys, pay bills, clip coupons for tomorrow’s shopping trip, pick up older children from school or the bus stop, fix a healthy snack, attempt a peaceful completion of homework, start dinner, break up an argument, go back to fixing dinner, put one child in timeout, comfort another, kiss a boo-boo, answer a homework question, save dinner from burning, set the table, welcome husband home, watch kids magically behave for Daddy while you put dinner on the table, sit down for dinner, attempt to talk to school-aged kids about their day, bedtime, argue about the color of today’s jammies, refill 65 water cups, check for monsters, read a book, rinse and repeat until they fall asleep, work, attempt to relax and hold a conversation with your husband, scrub the bathroom from top to bottom for the millionth time this month – ah, boys. Don’t worry, they won’t be little for long – cry because they won’t be little for long. Attempt to get a few hours of sleep. Do it all again tomorrow.

Reading that list should be enough to make anyone tired. Look at everything mothers pack into their busy day! And you and I both know this isn’t even half of what you do each day.

You are valuable. You are the glue that holds your family together.

When you feel down or unappreciated, remember there are people that love you and need you and whether they say it or not, they do see your value.

Daddydoinwork asked people about what their mom or wife means to them and here are just a couple of the responses they got:

My wife Jackie is the unquestioned MVP of our family. She stays at home with our two toddlers while I work full-time in finance, and I’ll be the first to tell you that we would be completely lost without her. I know that she questions whether she’s doing enough for us, but she’s doing a really, really, really great job. – David

My mom is simply the best person ever. I know that I drove her insane during my teenage years, but now that I’m 33 and pregnant with my first child, I realize how I hope to be just like her. She’s patient, hardworking, loving, and has a great sense of humor. Thank you for everything, mom. You’re my hero. – Julie

You see Mama, you are loved and appreciated! No one else can serve your family the way you do!

But for the days you feel overwhelmed and need encouragement, it is important to find a support system to build you back up.

Hopefully, your spouse, friends and family can make up your core support system. Keep the lines of communication open with these special people in your life. And remember to encourage them as often as they encourage you.

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