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Parenting Styles May Be Changing Due to Distance Learning

  It’s always a bit tough to walk the parenting line between guidance and support and encouraging independence. This is especially difficult when our children are entering a new phase or learning a new skill – we sometimes hover and critique and help way too much instead of letting them […]

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Tips To Help Your Child With ADHD Thrive While Learning From Home

  With schools shut down or closed, many moms were thrust into the role of helping their little ones continue to learn. And while homeschooling can be difficult to adjust to for some children, to those with ADHD the challenge is even greater. But the good news is, children with […]

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The New Norm of Distance Learning Must Be a Family Affair to Ensure Success

  By now, you’ve spent the last few months trying to navigate educating your child at home. Most school systems have closed for the remainder of this school year, and many have not yet finalized dates for reopening. Veteran homeschoolers know that there are ups and downs, but there are […]