Tips To Help Your Child With ADHD Thrive While Learning From Home

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With schools shut down or closed, many moms were thrust into the role of helping their little ones continue to learn.

And while homeschooling can be difficult to adjust to for some children, to those with ADHD the challenge is even greater.

But the good news is, children with ADHD are more than able to learn at home – in fact some even suggest it’s a better environment!

So if your child has ADHD and you must teach them from home – have faith and confidence you can do this with a few minor adjustments.


Break Up Their Schedule

For children who truly struggle with paying attention or sitting still, keeping them “working” at a home desk for hours at a time is not a good plan!

Instead, schedule plenty of “recess” type activities amongst their homeschool day to keep them active and empowered to burn off that energy!

After all – kids just want to be kids – and going outside to run around the backyard and explore the nature around them is good for their soul.

Sure, they need to learn the academic stuff too – but it doesn’t need to be hours at a time.

You can even incorporate “gym time” by going for a family bike ride or creating a homemade obstacle course.


Set Timers

Some children with ADHD struggle because they feel like the current project will “never end.”

Or, they’ll stare at a clock anxiously waiting for the time to pass until their class is finished.

Not knowing what to expect and being forced to sit still for hours is a nightmare for any child – especially those with ADHD.

Consider making a schedule for your children so they see their tasks for the day, and help them stay on schedule by setting a timer so they associate the “ding” with moving on to the next activity.

Knowing there is an even flow to the day can help reduce anxiety.


Use Creative Material

The good news is, when you homeschool your child you can be flexible with not only how but what you teach your child!

If they are interested in science, you can do all sorts of creative home science projects involving things they love – from bugs to rocks.

If they have a passion for art, you can do things like glow-in-the dark painting or slime making experiments.

One mom who homeschools her child with ADHD shared it has been helpful to incorporate as many of her child’s senses as possible when teaching like using bright colors, movement, and fun music.

After all, children get excited to learn about things that interest them – and who said learning can’t be fun!

The truth is, with the CDC recommending such stringent guidelines like forcing children to wear masks and taking away social activities, it’s likely many moms will make the decision to homeschool their children.

If you’re considering homeschooling your child next year – don’t be discouraged.

You can do it mama!

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