Teacher Publicly Humiliates 7-Year Old Boy With ADHD

Children have sensitive hearts, and when an adult is harsh with a child or embarrasses them – it can seriously cause them harm.

Sadly, the latest actions of a thoughtless teacher towards a 7-year old child proved this to be true.

And now, because of the actions this local teacher took against the little 7-year old boy, the parents had no choice but to pull all of their children out of the program.

As it turns out, the little boy was in a local swimming and physical education program with his siblings where they had many friends and seemed to enjoy it.

All was well. 

One day, the little boy was playing a game of tag – and accidentally tagged a kid too roughly and the child fell down.

These types of things happen all the time – especially with excited and rowdy little boys!

No one was hurt, and life should have carried on as usual.

But it didn’t.

The teacher decided to discipline the child and isolate him by sitting against a wall for 10 minutes.

Naturally, the child was frightened and became upset. 

His mother recalled the horrific event. 

Scary Mommy reported:

“My son doesn’t well with isolation, He’s never disciplined this way at home, and we don’t believe that isolating children is an effective means of discipline”, the child’s mom reported.

The mother went on to tell the story of how her child became confused and upset and started to cry.

But the teacher did nothing to console the child, in fact, the situation got worse.

Instead of realizing perhaps the punishment was too harsh, the teacher forced the child to face all the other students with tears streaming down his face.

Scary Mommy continued:

“He forced my poor son to face forward, so all then kids could see him crying, which only made him cry harder, which made the kids point and laugh more. My baby had to stare at the teacher, tears streaming down his face, for ten full minutes until they let him get up.”

This is an abuse of power, pure and simple. 

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a teacher has humiliated a student.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, one teacher previously gave an award titled “most annoying male” to a child with special needs during an award ceremony.

Not all adults are called to be teachers, and those who are teachers have the responsibility of making sure they are not causing children harm.

Humiliation is never an effective way to punish a child.

It reinforces the fact they are an outcast and rejected, and also trains other children that it is okay to single someone out and make fun of them.

Good for the parents for putting the needs of their child first and pulling him out of the program!

Let’s hope they can help undo the damage this teacher caused to this little boy.

What are your thoughts on the way this child punished a child for accidentally knocking down another boy in tag?

Do you agree with the parents decision to pull their children from this program?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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