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California Seeks To Fine Retail Stores For Having Separate Girls And Boys Sections

  Just when you think California couldn’t get any more bizarre, politicians introduced another bill and this time their gunning for retail stores. Hoping to completely eradicate any sense of male and female – they’re now forcing stores to do away with girls and boys’ toy and clothing sections – […]

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Biden’s Latest Executive Order Just Placed A New Glass Ceiling Over Young Girls

  In a slew of executive orders, Biden wasted no time enacting his radical leftist agenda – and it’s worse than anyone ever imagined. At the orders of the president, schools are now empowered to enact LGBT policies in radical ways – and young girls will suffer like never before. […]

Women’s Roles Have Changed, But There’s Still One Major Gap

Women’s Roles Have Changed, But There’s Still One Major Gap

We’ve seen a lot of changes in regard to women’s roles in the last fifty years. Some of these have been beneficial, like equal pay and more opportunities for women in the workplace. But the more things change, it seems, the more they stay the same. According to 2019 Pew […]