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5 Summer Ideas You Probably Didn’t Do While Quarantined With Your Kids All Year

  Families have had to get really close this past year with all the pandemic mandates and lockdowns – whether they were wanting to or not. All that quality time offered many opportunities to get creative in school, meals, and free time. Even though you got to try making Moroccan […]

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This Summer – Take The Pressure Off Teens And Let Them Enjoy Their Last Years As Kids

  Teens often find themselves in an odd place – they aren’t quite yet adults but they are feeling the pressure to make the transition. From selecting what college they want to attend, to having to decide a career, many teens are cracking under the fear and anxiety of the […]

A Drowning Alert Every Parent Should Take Heed 

A Drowning Alert Every Parent Should Take Heed 

Summertime fun by the pool includes allowing your little ones to splash and play in the water – but with that comes a great risk. Experts report more than 800 children drown each year – and many of these deaths could have been avoided.  So one mom who has worked […]