This Summer – Take The Pressure Off Teens And Let Them Enjoy Their Last Years As Kids

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash


Teens often find themselves in an odd place – they aren’t quite yet adults but they are feeling the pressure to make the transition.

From selecting what college they want to attend, to having to decide a career, many teens are cracking under the fear and anxiety of the future.

But as moms, you can help your teens relax and have fun this summer, and let them enjoy their remaining years of childhood.


Allow Them To Play

Your teen likely spent the entire school year studying for tests and focused on maintaining good grades.

From mandatory state tests to college entrance exams, chances are their brains are exhausted.

This summer, give them permission to simply PLAY and have fun!

Whether it’s running around in the backyard sprinkler or even swinging on playground swings with their siblings, encourage them to relax and enjoy the summer nights.

The real world awaits them soon enough, help them soak in the remaining years of their childhood before the real responsibilities of the world hit them.

Help Them Prioritize

This doesn’t mean you let your teens make a mess of your house and sleep in all day with no responsibilities, it’s all about balance.

There’s nothing wrong with encouraging your child to have a part-time job this summer whether at an ice-cream shop or working with children.Teach them the balance of work and play and how to prioritize responsibilities.

By showing them they can still work and be responsible AND have plenty of time for fun and games, you are training them how to create balance in their life.


Spend Time With Them

As you’ve probably already realized – the years go by so fast!

Your little one is a teenager, and headed off to college soon!

Consider carving out time to spend just with them, whether it’s a morning trip to the farmer’s market or a day at the spa, spend time with your teen and let them know they are loved.

This is also the chance to further strengthen your bond with them, and remind them you are always there to talk to should they feel stressed out or anxious.

With so many teens feeling depressed and anxious, those who don’t have good relationships with their families often turn to peer pressure and the world to fit.

If your teen knows you’re always there for support – they’ll turn to you should they get into trouble.


Simple Things In Life

So this summer, help your teen to relax and enjoy their final years as a kid.

The world will try and lure them into adulthood soon enough, with credit card offers and an anti-family approach to life.

Instead, remind them about the simple things in life – like spending time with family, practicing healthy self-care, and leaving time to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

They’ll end this summer well-rested and ready to tackle the world!

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