Teacher Loses Her Job After Protesting “Transgender” Curriculum in Her Child’s School

When a Christian mom (who happened to also be a teacher) found out her child was subjected to a pro-LGBT curriculum in his school, she decided to speak out.

Not willing to sit back and let her child be indoctrinated, once she discovered what was happening to her child, she wanted to warn other moms.

But once she posted online the truth of what was taking place inside the schools, leftist school officials responded by stripping of her of her job in an attempt to silence any dissent.

To start, this mom had every right to be concerned.

Her child attended a Christian school, and two LGBT books were being peddled and read to young children!

So exercising her freedom of speech, she decided to draw attention to the issue, and post to her own private Facebook page the horrors taking place within her child’s school.

She wanted to warn other parents what was happening at this Christian school, so they too could get involved and help stop the LGBT madness.

The Daily Mail reported on just a sample of what was being introduced at schools:

“Books given to the children included involved stories about a boy who wants to wear a dress and a red crayon that discovers it is really blue.

Mrs Higgs had said on her Facebook page: ‘They are brainwashing our children! We say again, this is a vicious form of totalitarianism aimed at suppressing Christianity.’

This mom was a Christian and couldn’t sit back silently as little children are being taught a “transgender” curriculum inside a Christian school.

Her faith motivated her to sound the alarm and help get other parents motivated to fight for their children.

And as a result, the school she taught at fired her.

They denied they fired her “because she was a Christian”, but the writing is all over the wall.

The Christian Post reported:

“A disciplinary panel found she was guilty of “gross misconduct” and “illegal discrimination” for using language which “could be deemed offensive.” The panel also said her comments “could bring the school into disrepute and damage the reputation of the school,” but admitted “there was no actual evidence” that this had happened.”

According to The Daily Mail this teacher had been teaching for over 6-years and had an “unblemished” record.  But one anonymous email complaining about her post led them to fire her.

There was nothing about her conduct in teaching that should have cost her to lose her job.

But in her private life, during her free time, she simply wanted to defend her son against the LGBT curriculum.

And this mom should have the right as a mother to stand up for her child!

It is clear the school fired this Christian teacher to send a message – speak out against the LGBT agenda and lose your job.

This is a ploy to manipulate adults to remain silent and just “accept” whatever filthy curriculum is pushed forth.

Thankfully this mom is not going down without a fight and has launched a legal challenge!

In order to beat back the pervasive LGBT agenda, it’s going to take more women (and men) like her who are bold enough to speak out against the “transgender” ideology being forced onto children.

Do you agree with the school’s decision to fire this Christian teacher for using her free time to speak out against the LGBT curriculum in her child’s school?

Why do you think they made the decision to fire her based off one single complaint email?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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