Teacher Shocks Everyone When He Goes Above And Beyond For Special Needs Student

Being a mom is tough work, but being a mom of a special needs child has its own extra set of challenges.

Yeah, there may be a few additional physical tasks, but it’s the emotional trials that are so taxing- such as having to watch your child miss out on a fun activity because of their limitations. 

But one teacher wasn’t going to let that happen, and he came through for his student in a big way. 

Ryan Neighbors loves school and hanging out with her friends.  Her typical day is much like any other child’s in that she gets ready in the morning, eats breakfast, and goes to school. 

Life is different though in that Neighbors has to spend her life in a wheelchair because she has spina bifida. 

Spina bifida is a birth defect that results in the spine and spinal cord not forming properly, according to the Mayo Clinic. 

When Neighbors’ school, Tully Elementary School in Louisville, announced a field trip to the Falls of the Ohio, she thought she was going to have to miss out.

The rugged terrain wouldn’t have been ideal for a grade school girl in a wheelchair, Shelly King, Neighbors’ mom, told Fox News. 

Jim Freeman, Neighbors’ teacher, had an idea!

In an act of selfless passion, Freeman offered to carry Neighbors on his back the entire trip, helping the excited 10-year-old to join her classmates.

King told Fox News how she was brainstorming ways to make the day special for her daughter. 

She considered carrying her daughter herself or taking her on a field trip of her own somewhere else so she wouldn’t feel left out. 

When Freeman caught wind of the dilemma, he didn’t hesitate to volunteer his help.

King reported to Fox News how she felt when she found out her daughter wouldn’t be missing out on the field trip after all:

“I was blown away. Mr. Freeman, he’s not her teacher but he teaches in the classroom next door. That’s what I think makes it so heartfelt because he’s not her teacher. He didn’t have to do it.”

From the beginning of the field trip to the Falls of the Ohio to the end, Freeman carried young Ryan Neighbors on his back in a carrier. 

Judging from the pictures, and Neighbors’ response, both parties were happy to be among the other classmates while learning about the environment in the beautiful park. 

It felt really nice” to join her classmates on the trip, says Neighbors to Fox News. 

She added how much she had learned from being able to participate:

“I liked it so much. We got to see the fossils and the bones … and I thought it was really fun.”

Taking in the adventure from your teacher’s back is a little different, but Freeman’s kindness and excitement through it all made Neighbors’ friends “jealous” she got to have a piggyback ride the whole time. 

The whole experience made Neighbors feel loved. She gave Freeman a message on Fox News: 

Thank you. I felt really special … I didn’t know him before but I love him.”

Freeman has been getting a lot of attention since the Facebook post from King about his kindness went viral, racking in over a 2,500 shares.

In the post Neighbors’ mom writes, “We are sooooo blessed to have an ENTIRE school that is so compassionate and empathetic and NEVER make her feel left out.”

Freeman has not responded to Fox News when asked to comment, but did tell WLKY-TV that he didn’t want any special recognition for doing what he thought was an ordinary gesture. 

He told the television station:

“This is just one physical act that you can see, but we do this countless times throughout the school day and throughout the year.” 

There are many amazing teachers who are the unsung heroes of our children’s day. 

Take the time to appreciate all the positive educators in our children’s lives, who selflessly enrich their hearts and minds. 

Do you know a teacher that has gone above and beyond to help your child succeed?

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of Freeman offering to carry Neighbors for the class field trip.

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