Teacher Traumatizes 6-Year-Old Girl By Telling Her “Boys And Girls Don’t Exist”

An innocent six-year-old girl is yet the latest victim of the LGBT indoctrination of children and was left traumatized after a lesson in school.

Her pro-LGBT teacher showed a video that caused so much confusion and terror for the young child her parents filed a human rights complaint.

And the lies being taught to young children in school should serve as a warning and wakeup call to every parent on what is happening in our schools.

It all started when six-year-old “N” (name hidden to protect the privacy of the child) was shown a video on “gender” in school.

The name of the video was “He, She and They!?! – Gender: Queer Kid Stuff #2” and featured comments like “some people aren’t boys and girls.”

After watching the video, the child became confused and scared not understanding what she watched.

When she spoke with her parents about “wanting to go to the doctor” to determine if she was a girl, her parents knew something was wrong.

It was then her parents learned the content that was shown to their daughter.

The Post Millennial reported:

“The video contained statements such as, “some people aren’t boys or girls,” and that there are people who do not “feel like a ‘she’ or a ‘he,’” and therefore might not have a gender. The young teacher, whom I will refer to by her initials, JB, continued to teach gender theory throughout the semester. According to N’s feedback to her mother, JB told the children that “there is no such thing as girls and boys,” and “girls are not real and boys are not real.”

By mid-March, N’s parents could see the lessons were having an impact on their daughter, as she began spontaneously and repeatedly asking them why her identity as a girl was “not real.” She asked if she could “go to a doctor” about the fact that she was a girl. She said she was “not sure if she wanted to be a mommy.”

This normal and healthy young girl never experienced such “confusion” until she was shown this video in school.

One teacher with an agenda has now traumatized this child.

Her parents have pulled her out of the school, but who knows just how long this child will have to sort out her thoughts.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, a similar situation happened in a kindergarten class, where a little 5-year-old boy was forced to watch a “gender transformation” ceremony where a boy “came out” as a girl…

… which left him traumatized for months.

But instead of protecting children and their innocence, schools are more determined than ever to appear as “inclusive” by teaching the dangerous LGBT ideology.

Not only can little girls no longer use female bathrooms in peace, without allowing men who “think” they are women to use them, they must suffer through “gender” teaching in the classroom as well.

But not only are these teachings dangerous, they are deadly.

Studies now show children who end up confused about their gender suffer from depression and anxiety, and some are even committing suicide.

This targeted attack on our children needs to stop!

And parents everywhere need to make sure they are talking with their children to know what they are being taught in school.

Thank goodness this little girl was removed from this dangerous environment, let’s pray she recovers fully now that she is no longer being taught LGBT propaganda.

Below is the horrific video shown to this innocent six-year-old girl.

What are your thoughts on a teacher telling a six-year-old girl that “boys and girls” don’t exist?

Do you think this teacher should have shown this video to her 1st grade class?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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