The Consequences For Boy Scouts Of America Are Rolling In

Boy Scouts of America have taken a sharp turn to embrace the LGBT agenda, and as a result, they’ve left a trail of terror and endangered children everywhere.

From opening leadership to homosexual men, to allowing “transgender” members into the ranks, the once pristine reputation of the Boy Scouts is starting to crumble.

And while they thought they could get away with perverting young children, major consequences are rolling in, and the Boy Scouts are about to face serious trouble.

At first, they tried to cover up all the mishaps, but now the light of truth has penetrated the darkness of secrecy.

And now realizing their dirty deeds are public, they are scrambling to take cover.

To protect themselves, they are seeking legal advice for bankruptcy protection to deal with the massive amounts of lawsuits coming their way.

But the best part of all is it looks like the sexual abuse the organization has embraced and covered up, is finally coming to light.

Fox Business reported:

“In recent years, the Boy Scouts group’s legal bills for work done by some outside law firms have grown. In 2017, the organization paid $7.6 million to labor and employment law firm Ogletree Deakins, according to public filings. It paid Ogletree $3.5 million in 2016 and $859,347 in 2015, the filings show.

In the group’s latest annual report, Boy Scout officials said its future financial situation will partly depend on the outcome of sex-abuse-related litigation and future damages awarded.”

This message should sound a warning siren loud and clear to any future group who wishes to embrace the LGBT culture at the expense of young children.

To put it simply – it won’t be tolerated.

No longer will conservatives be silent and stand down to the corruption of young children at the hands of twisted adults.

In their arrogance, the Boy Scout leadership thought they could get away with their shady ways and keep steering the organization towards the pro-LGBT crowd.

As if offering free condoms at national events was ok.

Or allowing girls into the ranks wouldn’t backfire in a major way.

But the worst part of all is they have spent years tormenting young children by forcing their agenda onto them and corrupting their innocent nature.

It’s twisted to put children in the hands of open homosexual leaders who have their own mental problems they need to work out.

Thankfully the Boy Scouts are about to reap what they’ve sown, and it doesn’t look pretty.

Just like when Target introduced “transgender” changing rooms, Mommy Underground reported the financial crisis Target faced as a result.

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And while they won’t publicly admit it in order to save face, it looks like the same thing is happening to the Boy Scouts.

It’s only a matter of time before they are shut down for good.

No organization can survive the massive financial blow about to fall upon the Boy Scouts, and very soon, justice will be served.

Do you think the Boy Scouts of America are finally finished for good?

How many lawsuits do you think will come to light due to the shady dealings of Boy Scout of America leadership?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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