The Harmful Message Toy Companies Are Sending Our Children

Parents are finding that childhood today is far different than when they were growing up.

Children are faced with far more options for entertainment than in generations past.

With advancements in technology and an explosion of media activity assaulting today’s kids, it is difficult to teach our children to appreciate good old-fashioned play — or to understand traditional family values.

More than ever, retailers are targeting children with an overwhelming array of toy choices, and sadly, they want to rid the industry of traditional toys appealing to specific genders.

LifeSite News reported:

Lego, Mattel and Hasbro have begun approaching the creation and marketing of their toys to appeal to both genders, according to Fortune. And likewise the companies have stopped dividing toy space into pink and blue aisles and ceased using boys or girls categories in reporting revenues.

The report said industry executives call it a sign of the times, with millennial parents in particular wanting to avoid having their children learn “stereotypical” gender behaviors.

“We look at our brands more inclusively than ever,” Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner told the Hollywood Reporter recently. “In fact, we eliminated the old delineation of gender.”

The problem here is not a girl playing in the backyard with a toy truck, or a young boy playing with a toy kitchen set.

Toy companies are now taking a sinister turn in their marketing to children.

In the name of “inclusivity,” and at the request of mostly millennial parents, toy retailers are not only eliminating gender classifications in their marketing and packaging, but they are pushing the idea that gender is non-existent altogether.

New York Times reported:

Still, the most significant shifts in gender categorizing — and certainly the most debated — have been in children’s merchandise. The shifts stem from a growing recognition, first among niche outlets and now among mainstream companies, of the role many traditional toys, clothes and costumes have played in reinforcing gender stereotyping. Experts have linked the items to all manner of gender disparities, including gaps in boys’ and girls’ self-confidence levels and career choices

And the message to children is confusing, and damaging.

If the American family is going to continue to exist as God intended, children must have some sort of gender identity, not be told they don’t have to be a “boy or a girl.”

Feminist culture is pervading our girls’ childhoods, telling them that being feminine, playing with dolls, and wanting a husband and children is somehow wrong.

And perhaps more serious is the message that boys do not need to be strong role models — that being the head of the family and provide support for your wife and children is merely optional.

The Federalist reported on the dangers of gender-neutral messages to children:

Gender-neutral parents aren’t really neutral. Even if they were, they’d still be crazy. You can’t tell boys that manhood is a matter of indifference and expect things to turn out well.

Advocates sometimes point out that the great majority of gender-bending children ultimately grow into heterosexual adults. That might be a relief if we were only interested in bare questions of self-identification.

 This is crazy. It’s terrible for boys, for three reasons. First, “gender-neutral” parents aren’t truly comfortable with masculinity. Second, we need boys to aspire to manhood, not to see it as a matter of indifference. Third, it’s impossible to give boys a fleshed-out picture of honorable manhood if they’re trapped in the entryway, trying to decide whether manhood is actually their goal.

 For evidence of how “neutral” modern parents really are, consider Michelle, a lesbian parent, who publicly admits she regularly battles her young son’s interest in being a boy. “I’m constantly like trying to queer my relationship with him and get him to wear tutus. He hates it. He’s just like, ‘no,’” she says.

For the toy companies, the bottom line is the almighty dollar.

They claim these genderless toys are what all parents want for their children.

LifeSite News reported:

Hasbro President John Frascotti, agrees with the emphasis on products without regard to gender. He said each of the Star Wars, My Little Pony and Transformers brands now have fans who don’t fall into the previously understood categories when the brands were launched.

“We want to be inclusive in our approach across gender and ethnicity,” Frascotti told Fortune. “Instead of thinking, that’s a boy brand or a girl brand, we see them as dual-gender.”

In the case of My Little Pony, the colorful cartoon about magical ponies was initially marketed to little girls but in the last several years developed a following of “bronies.” The “brony” demographic typically refers to grown men who are fans of the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic show.

Earlier this week, Mattel unveiled 15 new Ken dolls for the 50-plus-year-old Barbie and Ken franchise, which included several versions of a Man-Bun Ken. The inclusive doll’s release created significant Internet chatter, including a fair amount of ridicule.

Children need a sense of identity and to have confidence in who they are from birth.

This damaging new trend towards erasing gender from childhood will have devastating effects on our society and our families.

Toy companies may think they are making childhood better by offering more choices, but they are really sending the message that you should be ashamed of who you are.




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  1. As an engineer/scientist I am deeply disturbed by this article. I live a very traditional life, stayed at home when my son was young and live the teachings of Jesus. Girls and boys need to be free to develop their likes and dislikes when it comes to toys. I tolerated dolls because I could make clothes for them. I loved Legos, Tonka trucks, and slot cars. My future daughter-in-law is saving children’s lives every day as a pediatric surgeon. We were called to the professions we have by God. How dare you pretend to know what God wants for all women?

    As for messages our kids receive, well that is controlled by their parents. My kid did not have video games, did not have a cellphone, had very little access to the internet and the TV was blocked except for G rated shows. Yet he runs his own high tech company and lives a conservative, traditional life.

    So please attend to the log in your own eye before ranting on toys, which should be genderless, and how the amoral media is poisoning our kids via the devices that stupid/bad parents allow the kids to use.

    • Mathew Molk says:

      My boys were happy playing war (Just like we did when we were in elementary school) and the only “dolls” they had were Transformers and GI Joe. The were happy cutting things out on the jig saw out in the shop and when they were 12 and 8 they both made me teach them to weld….MY niece, who they were allays around when the 3 of them were growing up was into horses and “Real” Dolls and even did a few gigs a a child model when she was younger.

      Today one boy is a Journeymen electrician and is working on his EE Degree and the other one is a union Ironworker foreman at the Steel Mill. (He paid tax on 120 grand last year.) Their cousin got a master’s degree in microbiology and worked in a research department at the Cleveland Clinic, but when her job was moved out of state she went back to school and will be a Veterinarian by this time next year. (All 3 are registered Republicans, BTW)

      I wounder where the 3 of them would be today if this gender neutral bullshit would have been crammed down their throats like it is today. – Likely cowering in a safe zone with their hands out, no doubt.

      • It all began with the term, ‘millennials’ in tagging today’s generation. It’s now become their religion to stretch every boundary they were taught. I’ve become absolutely disgusted with this delusional group of people – especially when it comes to their children and ‘how’ they are raising them.

      • thekidde says:

        Apparently you have little faith in your children’s intellect – pitiful.

    • David VanBockel says:

      Dear jeltez

      As a physician/scientist I am not surprised that we have come to this. Do you agree that the abominations are usually mega-urban? I wish I could recover the old study of caged lab rats, showing precisely the same perversions when the rat population density exceeded a certain threshold, deforming their psyches.

      • Joyce Decormier says:

        you sound so typical, I will bet your a college graduate, yet have NEVER read the Bible, to come up with this INSANE theory!!There is plenty of room for people, except the Gov. keeps buying it up, Now go do your homework, and stop your NUTTINESS!! You all sound INSANE to me!! Wake up, your SOUL is at steak, don’t you get that? you bought the KOOL AID!!!!!!!!!!!

        • David VanBockel says:

          Your inabilities to use proper spelling and punctuation speak volumes about your civic unworthiness.

    • Watcher 77 says:

      It is clear to see the IMMORALITY today and how some parents are letting their children choose to be any sex they want to be – that is not how the Lord wants us to raise our children up. The wickedness of this world gets worse everyday – the enemy satan has been after our seed since the beginning – go back in your bible where they wanted all the boy babies killed – the world is going to hell in a handbasket so to speak – I could go on and on but I thank this person for posting this article to make others aware of what is taking place – I did not see that as a direct attack towards you.
      have a blessed day

    • Watcher 77 says:

      Jesus went on to say who will stand up for me against the evil doers, the workers of iniquity? We must unite together and stand up against EVERYTHING that would have any corruption on our children. The parents need to get in their bibles and get closer to the Lord. The bible is our instructions from the Lord.

    • thekidde says:

      Well said!!!

  2. Great perspective jeltez42. Need more people like you not just in the toy world.

  3. Maria castro says:

    This is disgusting, terrible no way to describe this atrocity and the perennial harm it can do to our children and family values. Boycott the toy stores. My grandma used to make me dolls from rags and little witches with garbanzo beans, I was about 5, and I still remember how fun it was. You made toy guns and bows from sticks. I was Spider Woman and my imagination provided the outfit. My cousins were Superman. What a beautiful childhood I enjoyed and God bless me with.

  4. No matter how much Progressive liberals try to take away gender differences, children will do what children have always done; create their own gender specific toys. Does it really matter if Barbie winds up with the guns or GI Joe cross dresses? I really don’t think so. As the novelty of the gender bender agenda wears off, we will once again think of men doing manly things and women doing whatever they want. The reality is that women who do jobs that have been traditionally men’s jobs usually look more like the men who do those jobs than they do Angelina Jolie or Milla Jovovich.

  5. It is ironic to note that stereotyping is practiced more by those who would eradicate normal differences between male and female, exactly what the gender-fluidity promoters accuse those with traditional values of doing. However, their trans men and women are campy caricatures of the opposite sex. Male to female transvestities use an inordinate amount of make up plus goofy gestures that normal women wouldn’t dream of.

    The proof tthat gender-bending is artificial is when giving kids the freedom to choose what they would rather play with. 99 times out of a 100, girls prefer dolls and boys prefer guns.

  6. gwedem5995 says:

    This is so outrageous that I can’t believe it. I have 10 grandkids and 9 great grandkids. I don’t tell them what they can play with as I have a big assortment of toys for both sexes.
    The boys usually gravitate to cars, trucks, etc and I never really understood why as most women drive nowadays. The girls usually like pretty things and dolls and play kitchens etc.
    My two year old GG son is obsesses with car washes and it seems funny as he hates anything with notse and what is more noisy than car washes. Occasionally, he likes to pretend to cook for me. I am so sick to all these companies pandering to a few. I will start to buy toys from non-traditional toy companies and one day they will be out of business as when a kid gets older, he likes his nintendo’s and computers anyway.

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