The Latest Medical “Transgender” Trend Is Appalling

The warped world of “gender dysphoria” just exploded to a whole new level.

And sadly, the medical community is further promoting dysfunction and chaos by pandering to the faux hysteria of discrimination.

But this latest move to cater to biological men, who think they are a woman, isn’t only outrageous, it’s dangerous. Moving beyond protests in the streets for “equal rights”, you won’t believe the demand the LGBT community has placed on doctors now.

It’s a well-known fact preventive care and screenings can save lives.

Women are encouraged to visit their primary care doctors and OBGYNs to screen for invasive killers such as cervical and breast cancer.

While prevention and early detection are key, they aren’t always a guarantee.

Screening for cervical cancer makes sense for a woman.

But apparently, biological men who “identify as a woman” are triggered and offended that they too can’t be screened for cervical cancer, even though they don’t have a cervix.

And instead of referring these clearly troubled men to mental health counseling, the medical community was so afraid of “offending” these men, they agreed to offer the screening.

Even more disheartening, biological women who “identify as a man” will no longer be checked for cervical or breast cancer.

This is dangerous to women, and the obsession with living the “transgender” lifestyle just might kill them.

Breitbart reported:

“If you are a trans man [biological woman]… you won’t be routinely invited for breast screening. We recommend you consider having breast screening if you have not had chest reconstruction (top surgery) or still have breast tissue,” the document reads…

 So-called ‘trans health adviser’ Aedan Wolton featured in a related NHS Choices video and blog post, where he claimed that smear tests could be uncomfortable for “trans masculine people” who are biological women as it could offend how they perceive themselves.

 He also claimed that words and references to the biological organs of men and women “can trigger feelings of gender dysphoria” in the transgendered.”

 The LGBT movement has literally taken their demands to a whole new level, that isn’t only illogical, but dangerous.

To avoid mentioning biological organs for fear of being “triggered” shows just how warped this movement really is.

Thankfully, some people have publicly stated the risk of these actions.

Breitbart continued:

“Laura Perrins, a conservative women’s campaigner, told the paper: “We’ve now got to the point where state collusion with this transgender agenda is endangering the health of women.

 “It’s a ludicrous use of NHS resources to invite men for a cervical smear test, while it’s immoral and dangerous not to invite women.”

 The LGBT movement is determined to impose their way of life onto everything and everyone they come in contact with.

From schools to churches, and now the medical community, they will not stop until the world adopts to their twisted thinking.

But pandering to unreal circumstances such as screening men for cervical cancer, is taking precious resources away from those who actually need help.

And for doctors to be put in the position of being terrified to mention to a woman she should have a routine breast exam, for fear she may be “triggered” is insane.

What are your thoughts on men getting screened for cervical cancer?

Do you think doctors have taken it too far with catering to the “transgender” epidemic sweeping the world?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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