The Latest Push For Gun Control Comes From A Place You’d Least Expect

Liberal propaganda has been increasingly peddled and adopted as truth in recent years, and our rights continue to be infringed upon by weak legislators looking for popularity and re-election.

In the wake of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, the left has renewed their call for gun control at a fever pitch, and now even some who label themselves “conservatives” are beginning to cave to their demands.

While most evangelical Christians tend to be constitutional conservatives, some church leaders came out this week with some shocking comments on gun control, showing that liberal propaganda is spreading like wildfire to places we’d least expect.

Christian Broadcasting Network Founder Pat Robertson is now coming out in favor of “sensible” gun control measures according to CBN:

On the 700 Club Tuesday, Robertson said it’s time to ban certain guns and work toward better background checks based on mental health:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am a gun owner, I have hunted, I have shot skeet, I have gotten awards when I was in the Marine Corps for shooting. I’ve got no opposition whatsoever to shooting, but for heaven’s sakes, I don’t think that the general population needs to have automatic weapons. It just doesn’t have to have Russian-built or Chinese-built machine guns. It just doesn’t. I mean it’s one thing to defend yourself with a pistol or a shotgun to hunt with…”

“I think we can ban those things without too much trouble. And they have what they call bump-stocks…that you hit it and it goes automatic. I mean, we can stop that.”

Robertson’s comments raise concern because it is becoming apparent that even conservative-minded leaders are caving to the liberal ideology of compromising on our constitutional rights.

Robertson went on to say that “It’s just got to be sensible. But as far as the right of the people to keep and bear arms, the Second Amendment, we’re all for it.”  Unfortunately, history proves that once compromises are made by weak legislators, our rights slowly begin slipping away.

The call for gun control measures by a typically conservative leader is the first step on a slippery slope of gun confiscation and a more solid foothold for the left to push their progressive agenda of stripping God-given rights from American citizens.

Robertson was not the only evangelical Christian leader to recently call for increased gun control.  In reaction to his comments, several notable leaders launched their own “petition for gun safety.”

According to Christianity Today:

Meanwhile, [Christian author] Max Lucado, Joel Hunter, and Lynne Hybels were among 15 evangelical leaders who launched a petition for gun safety in America days after the latest shooting.

“We call on our fellow Christian believers, church leaders, and pastors across the country to declare that we will decisively respond to this problem with both prayer and action,” they stated.  The petition cited a “biblical responsibility” to lobby for common-sense gun legislation, to encourage gun owners to secure their own firearms, and to help those with severe mental illness get professional help.

While all Americans can agree that we need to see an end to tragedies such as the shooting in Parkland in which 17 students and staff were killed, gun control is not the answer – and neither is jumping on the left’s bandwagon of threats and scare tactics.

Identifying individuals with mental health issues, and providing them help and support through professional services, should be the top priority in preventing gun violence. Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz was repeatedly able to remain free and go unchecked, despite dozens of reports of disturbing behavior and threats of violence.

Had authorities properly investigated his mental health issues, this tragedy could have been prevented.  In the meantime, limiting the rights of American citizens to defend themselves and others – especially in “Gun Free Zones” – is only going to cause more deaths.

The comments from evangelical leaders are of special concern as they show how opinion is swaying in the general public toward increased gun control.  Evangelicals tend to be more conservative and supportive of the Second Amendment, but it appears that leadership has been caving to the left in recent years, despite the views of their congregants.

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Christianity Today continued:

Earlier surveys have shown evangelical leaders are more likely than the people in their pews to push for new gun laws. Last year, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) found that though most of the ministry leaders surveyed owned a firearm themselves.

Research by PPRI found that evangelicals were the only religious group “in which a plurality (40%) say that putting more emphasis on God and morality in school and society is the most important thing that could be done to prevent future mass shootings.”

Evangelicals in the U.S. are more likely than other faith groups to own guns. Most evangelical gun owners, Pew found, cite protection as their top reason for owning a firearm; 77 percent believe their homes are safer with a gun than without one. They are also more likely than the average American (71% vs. 61%) to have talked with their children about gun safety.

These statistics seem to prove that evangelical church leaders and their congregations have historically been pro-Second Amendment.  But with the increase in leftist propaganda and the spread of liberal ideology into our churches – where traditional values should always be strictly upheld – it appears leaders like Robertson are wavering to curry favor with an increasingly liberal society.

What do you think of Pat Robertson’s remarks, and the gun control petition being circulated by evangelical leaders?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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