The Left Can’t Stand This Decision By The First Lady

It is nothing new for the party not occupying the White House to be critical of a president they did not want elected.

And in typical fashion, the left has been vocal in their attacks on President Donald Trump.

Of course, those attacks have extended to First Lady Melania Trump, especially for her choice to remain in New York for the time being.

When President Trump was elected, Mrs. Trump made it known that she would remain in New York City to allow their son, Barron, to complete the school year.

CBS News reported:

“They will re-evaluate toward the end of the school year if they will keep this arrangement or if Melania and Barron will move to Washington,” the source said. “They could go either way right now. They will ultimately do what’s best for Barron.”

Now, however, it appears that Mrs. Trump may never permanently move to the White House in an effort to keep from uprooting their young son.

This decision has ignited a firestorm of controversy in the liberal media, with naysayers complaining that she does not take her role as First Lady seriously — or even starting rumors of her unhappiness with her new role.

Typical of the liberal left, they cannot understand why a woman would put the needs of her child first.

But the Trumps both appear satisfied with the current arrangement, and many American parents applaud Mrs. Trump for giving their son, Barron, stability in his formative years.

“Good, this is what most responsible parents do with a child Barron’s age,” one Twitter user noted.

Melania Trump is not the first presidential wife to live away from the White House.

History tells us that several First Ladies put the needs of family first, and would often travel between Washington and their home residences.

BBC America reports:

William Seale, a White House Historical Association historian and author of The President’s House, said President Grover Cleveland’s wife, Frances Folsom Cleveland, only lived in the White House during social season.

“The concern of children staying back to finish school – that’s more typical than not,” Mr Seale said.

“It seems not very unusual to me that she would want the child to finish this year of school. I don’t find it very surprising.”

Mr Seale noted that the children of President John Tyler, who became president after William Henry Harrison’s death, were not immediately moved to the White House.

Mrs Trump has indicated Barron will be her top priority, with everything else coming second.

One notable first lady who was reluctant to step into the public role was Nancy Reagan, according to Mr Seale.

Mrs. Reagan, who had a big influence on her husband’s presidency and would later become known for her anti-drug campaign, was at first only focused on being a supportive wife.

And while liberals have attacked Mrs. Trump for continuing her son’s routine in New York for now, she has made it clear she is by no means abandoning her duties to her country or her husband.

Us Magazine reports:

 Though she isn’t yet working out of an East Wing office, Melania has been tending to a bit of business. “Melania is actively building her team, including hiring a chief of staff, a senior adviser and a social secretary, among other key positions,” continues the source.

 “While she is a mom first, she is very much embracing the role and responsibilities of First Lady.”

In Mrs. Trump’s absence, Trump’s daughter Ivanka has been performing some duties associated with the First Lady’s office as a help to putting the needs of the family first.

This, too, is not a new occurrence, as presidential daughters have stepped in to help during their father’s time as president.

The daughters of Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Ronald Reagan were but a few to step in when the First Lady tended to other responsibilities.

Melania Trump can be applauded for providing balance to her son during a difficult transition for any child.