The Left Is At It Again, And Your Child’s Favorite Character May Be Next

One of the left’s favorite pet causes is furthering the agenda of the LGBT community.  Their allies in the media — whether news, television, or films – are in the pockets of the left to the tune of billions of entertainment dollars a year.

And while the liberal agenda plagues the entire nation, no one is in more danger than our vulnerable youth.  And, therefore, they appear to be the left’s favorite target.

Our youth are impressionable and often fall prey to the propaganda in teen magazines and other forms of entertainment – and the latest scheme, celebrated in a popular teen publication, aims to target our very youngest children.

Activist Mommy reported:

Teen magazines have lately taken center stage in the overall cultural Marxist agenda. Whether they’re publishing editorials on gun control, anal sex tutorials, or establishing LGBTQ sections of the legacy publications that used to feature mostly fashion tips and makeup hacks, they’re paving the way for a future generation more sexually depraved than the last, and that’s saying something.

The mentality of those writing for and editing these magazines is quite telling in a recent article featured in ‘Seventeen’ magazine entitled “Moana Directors Say an LGBTQ Disney Princess Could Be Coming Soon.” 

The interview, reported on in Seventeen magazine with Moana directors, Ron Clements and John Musker, seems to celebrate the idea that our children will soon be subjected to even more liberal ideology in Disney movies.

“It seems like the possibilities are pretty open at this point,” Clements said. Musker added that with the right creative vision, he thinks Disney execs would quickly get on board. “It would be driven by a director or a directorial team that really wanted to push that,” he explained. “I would say we haven’t ever really [had] restrictions placed on what we’ve done.”

It is hardly surprising that Disney is considering to further align themselves with the LGBT community, and this wouldn’t be the first hint at homosexuality – or even the first homosexual character – in one of their movies.

Last year’s Beauty and the Beast was heralded by the left for Disney’s first representation of a homosexual character, and their television programming has been increasingly full of LGBT references.

Activist Mommy continued:

Anti-family, anti-traditional values…have completely taken over our entertainment industry and the narrative that is fed to young girls. Once, there was a time when young women were empowered to believe they could be doctors, lawyers, and participate in our constitutional republic just as well as men could. They were taught that they didn’t have to be stick-thin and blonde to have value to society.

Somewhere along this road, however, society took a massive left turn and started teaching young girls they had to have all the unattached, casual sexual encounters they wanted, engage in sexual relationships with other women, and completely forsake a husband and family in order to be empowered.

The indication that Disney princesses are next in line for a leftist overhaul is especially disturbing.  Whether or not parents boycott Disney programming and products, most young American girls are surrounded by cultural references to one Disney princess or another.

The Disney princesses were some of the original characters of the Walt Disney Company, and often represented traditional values and societal norms for women.  Now, the LGBT community is demanding they be “represented” by a new homosexual character – and they have a Disney princess in mind.

The Washington Post reported:

A campaign to change this caught fire on Twitter, under the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend — a plea to Disney to make one half of its beloved princess duo a lesbian in the forthcoming sequel to its 2013 animated blockbuster “Frozen.”

When asked if Disney might include an explicitly gay character in a kids’ film, the company responded that its brand “has always been inclusive, with stories that reflect acceptance and tolerance and celebrate the differences that make our characters uniquely wonderful in their own way.”

While the LGBT community and their allies in the liberal entertainment world plan for the next homosexual Disney character – and many are pushing for it to be Elsa in the Frozen sequel – it is up to us as parents to keep our children from being swept away in this immoral tide.

Many families plan to boycott Disney films and products altogether, a sometimes difficult task as the monolithic corporation seemingly has its hands in every form of entertainment available.

What was once marketed as the most family-friendly entertainment in Hollywood, Disney seems to be on a mission to abandon the very families who built their empire, opting instead to concede to the left’s bullying tactics and the almighty dollar.

What do you think of the left’s push for a homosexual Disney princess?  Do you plan to boycott Disney, or does your family already do so?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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