The Left Is Self-Destructing — And One Young Child Is Caught In The Crossfire

The liberal left has made it their mission to target anyone who does not agree with their agenda, with a sense of entitlement and disrespect for traditional American values that knows no bounds.

The liberal agenda is especially dangerous for conservative parents as we try to help our children navigate a world of anti-family attacks and confusing messages and images in the media.

Even our children’s schools have become a battleground, with school boards and administration caving to the demands of the left in the name of “inclusivity.”

But a recent story involving a young child in New York shows just how twisted the left’s ideology has become — both the parents and school are trying to spin their own liberal agendas against each other, and neither side will be appeased.

Five-year-old Leo Super is an active young boy who started his kindergarten year at a New York City elementary school.

Teachers soon noticed, however, that Leo would wear dresses and other items of girls’ clothing to class.

Classmates were unsure whether Leo was a boy or a girl, or why he would use the boys’ bathroom.  The school was ready to implement their “inclusion” tactics for transgendered children to give special privileges in order to ease Leo’s discomfort in school.

But this is where this story takes a strange turn —  Leo is a boy who identifies as a boy.

Pulled from the pages of the LGBT’s “glossary” of terms, Leo’s parents let the school know he is “gender expansive,” meaning he does not identify as a girl, but likes clothes and toys traditionally associated with girls.

Unsure of how to approach the situation, Leo’s parents were encouraged to label him as transgender so the school could follow protocols for dealing with gender confused students — and now, the parents are suing the school.

The New York Times reported:

Leo’s parents, Danielle Super and Michael Davis, filed a lawsuit last week with the New York City Commission on Human Rights that says Public School 107 in Park Slope created a hostile environment for their son, in violation of his rights.

Leo’s classmates were left confused about whether to call him “he” or “she,” which he found upsetting. They did not understand why he was using the boys’ bathroom. His parents said Leo quickly grew to hate going to school.

The parents had some tense conversations with school officials, including one in October in which the principal, Eve Litwack, said that “it would be easier” if Leo were transgender, according to the complaint. Shortly after that, Ms. Super and Mr. Davis tried to transfer Leo to a different school, but were turned down by several in the area.

Because of the nature of Leo’s behaviors, and the school’s perception that the parents were causing damage to him by allowing him to hover in an ambiguous state of gender identity, things were about to get a lot worse — now both sides are embroiled in legal trouble over this situation.

When Leo made a comment in reference to his genitals on the playground, the school alleged sexual abuse by the parents.

The parents, who will have the accusation of child abuse on their record for up to 10 years, claimed, “they distorted an innocent remark into a false allegation because they were deeply uncomfortable with us as a family.”

And due to the parents’ perceived notion that the school was just out to get them, they filed a lawsuit themselves for “providing a hostile learning environment” for Leo.

Leo has since transferred to a different school, but his parents said they felt compelled to file a lawsuit all the same. They claim that the school’s discomfort with Leo prompted them to stereotype the family as sexually abusive due to their lack of conformity with gender norms.

But, didn’t the school encourage Leo’s parents to label him transgender so that he could be protected against stereotyping and discrimination according to their policies?

And what about Leo?  He is suffering a form of abuse by everyone he should be able to trust — his parents, teachers, and school administrators.  By his parents enabling his choice of feminine dress instead of teaching him that boys wear boys’ clothes, they are removing his developing sense of identity and causing damaging confusion that could have devastating consequences as he gets older.

And by encouraging his parents to label Leo as transgender so they could fit him into a mold for which they have been given state-mandated protocols for “inclusivity,” the school administration is negligent.

Both sides should be trying to guide Leo to understand gender norms and healthier forms of self-expression, rather than encouraging him to fall further into losing his identity.

The New York Times quoted Leo’s mother as saying, “As a parent, my job is not to make strangers comfortable.  My job is to protect my child, and to make my child comfortable so he can flourish.”

Sadly, by the actions of his parents and his school in their twisted battle to promote rampant liberal ideology, Leo will not flourish.

If his parents do not set boundaries, he will indeed become confused about his gender –a situation proven to cause severe depression and social issues in children whose parents allow gender fluidity.

The Blaze summarized the harmful consequences of parents encouraging young children to question and explore their gender identities.

Mutual comfort for attendees of a public school is a two-way street, and if you’re going to send your child into that situation, you have to be aware that making strangers comfortable is a crucial part of making your child comfortable.

The public school experience is one of children from diverse backgrounds learning and growing together, sometimes painfully and uncomfortably. I hope that in Leo’s parents’ passion for pursuing his acceptance, and in the midst of what will likely be a drawn out legal process, that the children themselves don’t become an afterthought.

The smartest and most powerful people in our nation haven’t hashed out the issue of transgender people in public spaces, so we shouldn’t expect kindergartners to, either? That’s not a hostile environment, it’s simply childhood. And we should pray for our children as they face issues we could never have anticipated when we were children ourselves.

Leo has started at a new school, but one wonders if this entire situation will be repeated.  It appears the left will continue to “one-up” each other in the name of “acceptance” and “tolerance.”

There is nothing accepting about the liberal left.  They will continue to attack anyone — even other liberals — if they feel they are not able to do whatever they want.

The tragic consequences of liberal parenting styles will become more evident as their children get older, but it seems they care more for their own agendas than their child’s well-being.

What are your thoughts on this disturbing story and how both parties reacted to it?

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