The Left’s Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds With This Latest Assault

The liberal left is nothing if not hypocritical.  Their tag words of “inclusion,” “tolerance,” and “acceptance” are meant only for them and those who go along with their bullying tactics – and these words certainly do not extend to conservatives.

As liberal propaganda makes the roots of their agenda grow deeper every day, more and more Americans are falling prey.  They are growing tired of trying to stem the liberal tide, and fewer and fewer people are fighting back.

Now, one pastor is forced to defend himself and his congregation from liberal attacks because he is trying to show love and support to teenagers in trouble – but he is not sitting idly by while they attack his church.

Metro City Church in Michigan is offering a workshop for girls called “Unashamed Identity.”  The class is for teenage girls who are questioning their gender identity – sadly, now a common occurrence as the left pushes for the normalization of this behavior – and aims to give the girls support and techniques for discussing their struggles with their parents.

But the left doesn’t believe that parents should try to talk their kids out of these dangerous decisions when they are vulnerable.  In fact, the left doesn’t believe that parents should be allowed to teach their children any values that aren’t based in liberal ideology.

Activist Mommy reported:

The gay community is trying to claim that the workshop is “conversion therapy”, a practice that supposedly brutalizes homosexuals to try to force their conversion, but in reality, the workshop is designed simply to bring the Gospel to young women who are struggling at a difficult time in their life and may be experiencing same-sex attraction or gender confusion.

Angry leftists are brutally attacking the church’s Facebook page and their head pastor, Jeremy Schossau, claiming he is full of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance. (But who are the ones making hateful memes and protesting outside the church?)

Pastor Schossau defended the workshop and made it clear there is a double-standard at work here.  Despite the left’s claims, Schossau is not trying to tell these kids who they are supposed to be – ironically what the left is doing with its indoctrination campaign.  He is simply trying to give the girls someone they can talk to.

The pastor posted a video on Facebook, defending his church and the workshop before it was forcibly removed from the site.  In the video, he stated:

 “What we are about is conversation, not conversion,” he clarified. “Conversation, not condemnation. And we find it incredibly odd that a community that has been so vocal about tolerance, about understanding somebody else’s perspective, about freedom and choice…is seemingly very anti-choice when it comes to sexuality.”

“People seem to think that we are looking at people and making a judgment about people and demanding that they come into our office to “fix” them or to change them, that is just simply not true,” he continued. “As a matter of fact, it is people who are already in our community, who are around us or in our youth ministry, and they love us and they care about us and they feel that we care about them, that’s why they would come.”

He explains further that the workshop doesn’t force kids to participate, it’s for parents and children who voluntarily want to come together and talk. “They are there because they’re struggling, they’re looking for some council, some direction, for someone to listen to them,” he said.

He added that thousands of people every year voluntarily reach out for help when they are struggling with homosexuality, as opposed to the sterotype of being yelled at and judged in a church office against one’s will, reports Activist Mommy.

What bothers the left about this workshop is that it tries to bridge the gap between parents and teens who want to have an open conversation.  These parents want to guide their children to make a decision by using their faith and the Word of God.

The LGBT community is hypocritical to no end.  They say people can choose their gender at will and are attempting to brainwash people to question themselves.  But if a Christian wants to walk away from these thoughts or feelings that conflict with the teachings of their faith, the left says those are the people being brainwashed.

The pastor goes on to say,

“If preaching the gospel is now going to be called ‘conversion therapy’ by LGBT activists, then so be it. We don’t accept their labels.”

The left would never even think that they may be the ones who are intolerant and bigoted, and as they continue to spread their propaganda, their hypocrisy knows no end.

What do you think of this hypocritical attack by the left on yet another conservative organization?  Leave us your thoughts.

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