The Left’s Latest Target Is Stay-At-Home Moms And You Won’t Believe Why

Liberals have chosen their latest target, and this time they’re after stay-at-home moms.

In fact, according to one leftist columnist, not only should stay-at-home moms be looked down upon, she challenged the very notion that a woman who should choose to stay home and raise her children should be illegal.

And you won’t believe her bizarre reasoning.

The article claims while it’s “ok” for a mother to stay at home and care for her child as an infant, once the child hits school-age years, a woman should be ashamed for choosing to stay home and care for her children, instead of “contributing to the workforce”.

The article goes on to claim there are “large losses” to the economy if a woman chooses to be a stay-at-home mom.

The Blaze reported:

“There are potentially large losses to the economy when women stay at home or work short part-time hours,” the report said

She acknowledged that “the role played by parents in the early months and years following the birth of a child is vital and irreplaceable.”

But once a child goes to school, she argued, opting out of the workforce should no longer be an option.

“Rather than wail about the supposed liberation in a woman’s right to choose to shun paid employment, we should make it a legal requirement that all parents of children of school-age or older are gainfully employed,” Le Marquand wrote.

She argued that “it’s time for a serious rethink of this kid-glove approach to women of child-bearing and child-rearing age.”

A legal requirement to “work” instead of raise a family?

Obviously, this leftist columnist has no idea just how much work it takes to be a stay-at-home mom.

It’s well known stay-at-home moms end up working more than the traditional 40-hour work week.

In fact, stay-at-home moms do it all and often juggle multiple priorities.

From homeschooling their children, to preparing meals each day, to keeping the entire household in order, stay-at-home moms work tirelessly, and there are no “breaks” when you’re raising a child.

There’s nothing more important than a mother investing in her child’s life.

Raising children is a full-time job, and stay-at-home moms shouldn’t feel ashamed for investing their time into their children’s future.

If a woman chooses to work after having children, there’s nothing wrong with that either, but she shouldn’t be forced.

Liberals claim to be all about “women’s rights”, but as usual, that only means “rights” they agree with.

The notion liberals care about all women is proven false yet again.

However according to the leftist columnist, it’s not about choice, but “equality”.

The Blaze reported:

“Only when it becomes the norm for all families to have both parents in paid employment, and sharing the stress of the work-home juggle, will we finally have a serious conversation about how to achieve a more balanced modern workplace,” she said.

Le Marquand wrote that feminism is “not about choice, it’s about equality.”

Stay-at-home moms have one of the toughest jobs out there and they need support and encouragement.

Why do you think liberals continue to attack traditional families?

Do you think stay-at-home moms should feel ashamed for choosing to stay home and raise their children?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.



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  1. Liberals want those women out there in the work force earning money so that liberal politicians will have more earnings to tax. They have to fuel their tax-and-spend dogma somehow!

  2. Randy131 says:

    “we should make it a legal requirement that all parents of children of school-age or older are gainfully employed”
    Gainfully employed, or politically enslaved? I respect a woman who takes on the responsiblity to rear her children to adult age, not abandon them to the indoctrination centers of the public school systems, where the liberal and progressive indoctrinators run wild and rule the roost through their fascist methods.
    Liberals, progressives, and Democrats are synonymous with socialists, communists, and fascists, and GODless atheists all. Liberals, progessives, socialists, and communists do not want to compete with GOD for moral relativity and control of the people’s minds and lives, and is the reason they are always historically atheists.
    The family unit is the last stalwart for the belief in and worship of GOD and His teachings, precepts, and mandates, which are always contrary to the policies and agendas of the liberals, progressives, socialists, and communists. This attack on women who raise their children to adulthood is actually an attack on the family unit, and GOD.
    The winner of this controversy will claim the souls of it’s participants. So which side are you on, and which side will win, the GODly family unit, or the aitheistic enslavers of human kind that demand constant labor for their socialistic and communistic policies and agendas, through the abandonment of the family unit and of their offspring to others who don’t share the same moral imperatives, and respect and honor of our GOD.

    • Debra(bogene) says:

      Well said. Could not have been stated more clearly and truthfully. That is to a tee,, their agenda,

      • Randy131 says:

        Thank you, but it’s only the same old story of the socialists and communists, except today with their new identities as liberals and progressives, using fascist methods to get what they want.

        It seems that people have forgotten how bad and dangerous fascism is and can be. But they are once again finding out by observing what is going on at most of our college and university campuses, Free speech is now being banned, and the seperation of the privileged has begun, by race and poltical and social affiliations, through the designations of “speech zones” and “safe places”, and “appeasement” for racial groups wanting more rights and privileges than others.

        Along with banning of free speech, they are also banning Christianity from their campuses, while raising and supporting the religion of Islam above Judaism and Christianity, because the tenets and precepts of Islam makes it the only fascist religion on earth.

        Yet the American people are blind and ignorant to all this, and one may wonder if they’ll ever wake up to reality before it becomes too late to save themselves, by fighting back against the fascist methods of the liberals, progressives, socialist, communists, and now the Muslims also?

        May GOD save us all again, for by accepting this we are abandoning our righteousness, as was done in the two cities that were so prosperous, that their populations totaling over 300,000 grew together. Sodom & Gomorrah had two Sanhedrins, with two Chief Priests, and at least a thousand clergy of Pharisees, Scribes, and Sadducees, yet GOD could not find ten righteous people among them, to save them for the sake of Abram’s (Abraham) challenge to GOD.

        That is the USA today! For the people once again are lacking in righteousness, by allowing all this to occur, by abandoning our GOD and His teachings, precepts, and mandates, and allowing a false god into our high places (places of worship and learning).

        “What has been will be, what has been done will be done, there is nothing new under the sun.” – “Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”

        • Linda Lee says:

          EXACTLY .

          • Randy131 says:

            Be careful, you’re showing GOD’s wisdom, and liberals, progressives, and Democrats, synonymous with socialists, communists, and fascists, just hate that, for they don’t accept GOD, because His presence competes with their desired governmental control over the people, though moral values and the righteousness that they and His teachings, precepts, and mandates instill in His followers for the benefits of all mankind, not just the atheists which all the above that I mentioned are.

    • Have you read the novel, Agenda 21? It describes a society exactly as you outline above. Constant labor for the state, no entertainment, just constant indoctrination and obesiance to the State,

      • Randy131 says:

        No I haven’t read that novel, but I grew up in the 50s-60s, and remember what it was like, and know the great difference we have today, all caused by Democrats and the Democratic Party, which held almost complete power from those days until today.

        What most people haven’t noticed is that the Democrats always proclaim the benefits and civility of compromise, when the Republicans hold the power, but when the Democrats hold the power, which has been most of the time during my life time, they refuse to compromise, and it’s their way or the highway, or as Obama told the Republicans when he became President, “Elections have consequences.”

        The problems we have to live with today is a direct result of that continuous compromising (I now call it capitulating) with the Democrats when Republicans hold the power, almost a third of the time, while the Democrats never compromise with the Republicans when the Democrats hold the power, which has been most of the time. That has kept building-up the liberal and progressive policies in the USA, and never once reverting back to conservative and Christian valued policies.

        This is the reason the American people elected President Trump, not to compromise with the Democrats, but push conservative and Christian values by draining the swamp and putting people in positions that have high regard for conservative, Christian, and patriotic values, and putting the USA and Americans first, at least in our own country.

        You can see how that is going over with the Democrats, who are trying to obstruct anything and everything that President Trump tries to do, as Chuck Schumer keeps insinuating that if President Trump would try a little compromising, that maybe the Democrats would help him. Chuck Schumer and the Democrats now want President Trump to appoint people to the judiciary and other federal government positions that they would approve of. But that is not what they wanted when Harry Reid and the Democrats first played the “nuclear option” card in the Senate, so they could get all of Obama’s appointees through without any agreement from the Republicans.

        What the Democrats hate the most now is that they didn’t put a time limit on Harry Reid’s “nuclear option”, and they showed the Republicans how they could do the same.

        It is now time for no more compromising, but instead a swing of the pendelum to the opposite direction that the Democrats have had it swinging for a very long time.

        Out of the 17 Republican candidates for the Presidency, only President Trump has the fortitude to do this, and stick with it, for any of the other 16 would have already compromised with the Democrats, never to fulfill most of their campaign promises made to the American people to get them elected, if they could have beaten Hillary Clinton.

        As I now see it, for I wasn’t a Trump supporter at first, but wanted Ted Cruz, we need to thank GOD for His divine intervention into our Presidential election, for as I believed, it was going to be just about impossible for President Trump to beat Hillary Clinton, especially with all the bad stuff that was being dug up about him, and that all, every last one, of the liberal media was all in for Hillary Clinton, and completely against the election of President Trump, and was adamently endeavoring to stop his election at every turn, day in and day out, even after the ballots were starting to be cast.

    • Linda Lee says:

      Well said. I cannot possible add to this except my ^5 to you.

      • Randy131 says:

        Thank you, and I hope that your lovely and beautiful icon ID is that of your daughter, and if it is, I hope for you the ability to raise her full time to adulthood, providing her with a patriotic love for her country, but most of all a love, honor, worship, and fear of our GOD, who protects the meek and humbles the haughty and hubris. May GOD bless you and yours.

  3. hillbilly says:

    My wife stayed home to raise our children. She did a great job, they never ever got into trouble, they all graduated got good jobs and gave me lots of grand babies. My kids all grew up well mannered and polite thanks to their stay at home MOM.

  4. The kids belong to the STATE. Moms need to go to work, and turn their children over to the left for brainwashing.

  5. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    Good grief. What next are they going to get on their grand stand to complain about??? Maybe I shouldn’t even ask…lol

  6. I think it is the idea that homeschoolers will eventually replace the govrnment indoctrination centers (aka public education). It starts in prekindergarten with the children learning state (school) dependency.

  7. Gainfully employed, what about all the welfare mothers getting a job? Who would provide gainfull employment? Automation is rapidly replacing workers no sick leave no sick children no problem with slacking. We will always have unemployment from now on.

    • Also where are these jobs coming from? The one’s taken by illegal aliens? Ha! The dumbocraps dont want to deport them so how are these heretofore stay at home moms supposed to find a job? More libtard doublespeak!

  8. Charles Ginetto says:

    Who’s the dumb ass that wrote this? This is a free country. If a woman chooses to stay home and rear her children, that’s her business.

    • The democrat party takes general welfare clause as the only pertinent part of the whole Constitution ignoring the rest of it. They don’t believe in Freedom.

  9. Richard Schmidt says:

    Liberals are so desperate that they no longer care whether the “class struggle” is demonstrably false and self contradictory.
    It’s not even “too many cooks” it seems to that there are no cooks at all.
    After Trump cuts welfare for the able bodied, Dems will have to let the slaves they keep on urban plantations loose.

  10. Really? Require married women to work when they have no school age children? So much for choices, ha? I guess that is punishment for not “choosing” abortion? Also, if mom stays home she’s more likely to disconnect liberal brainwashing their kids pick up in the publik skools, they dont want that. I can see this backfiring on the libtards in so many ways. Conservatives having more kids, spread out to beat the requirement they want, or they send their kids to conservative, private schools to avoid the liberal brainwash machine in publik skools. Another dumb totalitarian idea from the left!

  11. Simon61161 . says:

    Let me guess, she is a Hillary supporter and avid reader of her book, “It Takes a Village”. It’s the only reason I can think that she would not want a mother to be there to raise her child.

  12. They want children to have as little exposure to their parents and their values as possible so (Mother Russia), I mean the Liberal educators can brainwash our children to their way of thinking. It’s already begun.

  13. Nina Ferguson says:

    Does this person have any children? Does she know what is involved with raising children? And, most important, who the h*ll asked her opinion anyway. If two parents decide between the two of them what they want for their family, that is their business. Not the business of some busybody “feminist” who has no right to interfere.

  14. Gary Johnson says:

    are all dam o rats this stupid

  15. John Wirts says:

    What about the welfare queens the LIBERALS are so proud of? Shouldn’t they be required to work for their welfare??????????????????????????? If not WHY NOT??????????? I think any welfare queen who pumps out baby after baby for the taxpayer to support, ought to be sterilized with the birth of the second child. I also propose that any woman who is pregnant and wants an abortion should have to be sterilizes at the same time.

  16. They don’t want Mom’s to stay with the kids so that they can brainwash them in school. Working Mom’s will be too tired when they come home to spend much time with their kids.

    • Also, they’ll need loads of daycare centers to take care of all the babies and young children while the mothers are working …….guess who will be providing those centers? Communist of course!
      Hitler took the babies from the mothers because it’s easier to brainwash them the younger they can get them away from the parents! He had the children turning in their own parents after brainwashing them.

  17. Linda Lee says:

    This is a communistic/Orwellian idea. People like this columnist are insane.

  18. Why not gainfully employ the welfare state they created? They would loose votes and government control. Control working mothers; and, more important, next step would be to raise, educate the children according to da government.
    I will bet this person was not a good parent and does not care for children as a good parent does——forever!!!!!

  19. ‘Brave New World’ Aldous Huxley

  20. As Hitler knew, the earlier they can start indoctrination the easier it is to brainwash them and they are then good little comrades forever. That’s why German women had to turn over their babies not long after they were born.

  21. melissasmom says:

    After the kids start getting brainwashed at school,. Mom had better be there right after school to counteract a potential disaster. Who is raising the kids anyway. Family is our best defence.

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