The Left’s Lies and Scare Tactics Further Traumatize Our Nation’s Children

In the wake of last week’s school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, the left has been on their usual rampage about gun control, placing the entirety of the blame for such tragedies on lax gun laws and any attempt to protect the Second Amendment rights of the nation’s citizens.

The liberal media is not only spreading fake news about the statistics and the true reasons for gun violence in our schools, they are eagerly exploiting the teens who have witnessed these tragedies, and using their fear tactics to hide the truth.

This liberal propaganda is so prevalent, the majority of American students have bought into the idea that they will only be safe if guns are strictly controlled – or banned altogether.  And while these students have every right to fear being assaulted in their schools, they are being fed false information.

CNN reported on a Florida student who recorded footage of the recent tragic shooting.  His opinions, force-fed by liberal media, are sadly becoming commonly-held beliefs:

A student who witnessed Wednesday’s massacre at a Florida school made a direct plea to lawmakers on Thursday to take action, warning more children will die otherwise.

“Some of our policymakers and some people need to — they need to look in the mirror and take some action because ideas are great but without action, ideas stay ideas and children die,” Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior David Hogg told CNN’s “New Day.”

Hogg, who is a student journalist, recorded footage of the shooting [and] detailed why he recorded what was happening. “I was really thinking about, ‘What has my impact been? What have any of our impacts been?’ … I thought to myself, ‘If I die today, I want my impact to be — if I die I want to tell a good story,’ ” he said.

He looked directly into the camera as he called on lawmakers: “We’re children. You guys are the adults. You need to take some action and play a role. Work together, come over your politics, and get something done.”

Hogg seems to speak for many of our nation’s children.  They are protesting in their schools, communities, and even in front of the White House. But the truth is, they are being fed leftist lies about why they are increasingly in danger in their schools.

Gun control and so-called “Gun Free Zones” are in no way a means of preventing these tragedies from occurring.  In fact, schools, churches, and other community meeting areas that do not allow firearms are the areas most frequently targeted by mass shooters.

These mentally unstable individuals will find a way to purchase a firearm to carry out their heinous crimes, regardless of any government attempt to restrict gun sales.  Whether they are able to legally purchase a firearm or not, they will find a way to carry out their plans stemming from mental illness that drives them to harm others, or in a twisted belief they will gain attention and recognition.

Gun Free Zones like schools literally have signs promoting the fact that no one on the premises is armed and thus unable to defend themselves or others.  These areas where firearms are prohibited are screaming their weakness, and mass shooters know it.

The gun control lobby is in its element following shootings such as the one that happened in Florida.  Parents are frightened, children are frightened, and the anti-gun left preys on these emotions to spread their message.

In fact, following the massacre last week, leftist lobbying groups like Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety released completely false statistics in order to keep the fear level of Americans high. One statistic was so shockingly false, that even liberal media outlets found the need to correct the fake news that was spreading.

Fox News reported:

According to their numbers, there had been 18 school shootings since the start of 2018. The only problem? It was bogus. So much so, even the liberal Washington Post found the need to call out them and the rest of the media.

As the Media Research Center reported early Tuesday morning, the Wednesday evening broadcasts of ABC’s “World News Tonight,” CBS’s “Evening News” their live coverage, and NBC “Nightly News” all held up the statistic to slam America as the gun crime rampant hell-scape.

But as The Post explained Thursday afternoon, “it is a horrifying statistic. And it is wrong.”

“The figure originated with Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit, co-founded by Michael Bloomberg, that works to prevent gun violence and is most famous for its running tally of school shootings,” authors John Woodrow Cox and Steven Rich wrote. “Everytown has long inflated its total by including incidents of gunfire that are not really school shootings.”  The duo called out liberal politicians and aloof celebrities for pushing the misleading stat and then shamed their journalist colleagues for spreading the fake news.

The Post noted that Everytown invented its own definition of a school shooting to help inflate their total.  Just five of Everytown’s 18 school shootings listed for 2018 happened during school hours and resulted in any physical injury.

Another three appeared to be intentional shootings but didn’t hurt anyone. Two more involved guns — one carried by a school police officer and the other by a licensed peace officer who ran a college club — that were unintentionally fired and, again, led to no injuries. At least seven of Everytown’s 18 shootings took place outside normal school hours.

That same media that had spent the last 13 months complaining about the Trump administration’s aversion to telling the truth proved themselves to be hypocrites by pushing a bogus trumped up statistic to aid their anti-gun agenda.

The fact that liberal lobbying groups and news organizations are spreading lies to instill fear in the hearts of our nation’s schoolchildren – and line their pockets – is beyond despicable.

The real prevention of these school shootings lies in identifying mentally ill individuals who often exhibit warning signs that go unchecked.  In the Florida shooting, suspect Nikolas Cruz was reported to authorities – including the FBI – dozens of times without any action being taken.  Mommy Underground previously reported on warnings about Cruz that were ignored by authorities.

Our children are calling for action, and in many cases, our officials pass the buck on warning signs that could save lives.  Pro-gun groups are advocating for other measures to protect our children, such as training and arming teachers in self-defense maneuvers and firearms proficiency.

Only by going on the offense and showing our ability to protect ourselves will these massacres be stopped.  In nearly every case of a shooter being stopped in an active situation, it has been a law-abiding gun owner who has put an end to the threat.

It is our duty as American citizens to protect and preserve our constitutional rights for our children, and to take whatever measures necessary to keep them safe.  Increased gun control and gun free zones are only going to increase the number of these attacks – and further line the pockets of the left.

What do you think of the scare tactics being implemented by the liberal media and how they are affecting our children?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.


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