The Left’s Shameful New Target For Bullying

We all know the left has bullied conservatives and their values for years.

The liberal media especially has portrayed conservatives in a negative light — and this targeting has only gotten worse since last year’s election and President Trump’s inauguration.

But alarming stories are emerging about conservative children being bullied for their traditional beliefs.

And they are not only being bullied by other children, but by liberal adults as well.

With the left’s push for equality in all alternative lifestyles for our youth, the bullying tactics are spreading throughout our schools and all over social media.

And liberal teachers and other authority figures who are supposed to protect our nation’s children are becoming the worst offenders of bullying tactics against conservative children and teens.

Barb Wire reported:

One of the central tactics used by liberals to impose coercively an incoherent and science-denying “trans” ideology on, well, everyone, is to hurl epithets at dissenters. And if that means adults hurling epithets in the direction of children, so be it. Leftists can’t have children running around our streets even thinking the emperor has no clothes. And they certainly can’t have girls refusing to share restrooms with the emperor.

When countless other “progressives” vilify opponents of co-ed restrooms and locker rooms, they are necessarily vilifying and shaming conservative kids. And that is shameful bullying.

During the general election last year, countless anti-conservative protests were reported by the media.

But less known are the protests in our children’s schools where liberal ideology has been spread — and encouraged — by teachers and administration.

And conservative children and teens are paying the price.

Fox News reported:

 A Wisconsin school district has launched an investigation into accusations that teachers have bullied and harassed a politically active conservative student.

A 15-year-old student at Appleton North High School in Appleton, told Fox News that he’s been subjected to name-calling, foul-language and classroom lectures that bashed Gov. Scott Walker and labeled Republicans as racist.

“They are harassing and bullying me as well as indoctrinating other students,” Backer told Fox News.

“My teachers have always talked about bullying, including bullying homosexuals and how wrong it is,” Backer wrote. “I agree 100 percent. They shouldn’t be bullied, nor should anyone else.”

Backer said if homosexuals can get equal treatment, why can’t conservative students?

“If teachers expect bullying to end with homosexuals, they should want it to end with every type of bullying possible, including political views,” he wrote.

Increasingly, the left has tried to pass liberal legislation to protect homosexual and transgendered students in our schools, as well as implement harsh consequences for bullying against this new protected class in society.

However, the rise of acceptance and encouragement of experimenting with alternative lifestyles and ideology in our children has led to an absolute intolerance of our youth standing up for traditional values.

Conservative Tribune reported on one such hypocritical case in a high school where a 15-year-old student was beaten for wearing a Trump hat to school:

While this is a very literal case of liberal bullying, it also points out that these walkouts are also a form of ideological bullying. It’s unlikely a group of Trump supporters who walked out of school if he lost would have been given administration approval or positive media coverage. Thus, what the media, school authorities and liberal students are telegraphing is that certain people with certain ideas aren’t welcome and will be punished — the very definition of bullying.

“If a teacher would ask why someone was homosexual, Atheist or Muslim and called what they believed ‘weird,’ there would be serious consequences,” Backer wrote.

In some ways, the indoctrination has been subtle. Students in civics class are required to watch CNN Student News every day, for example.

This double-standard is alarming.

The children in this case who savagely attacked a conservative youth faced very light consequences.

If the circumstances had been reversed, and a homosexual or transgendered child had been attacked at school, there would have been a liberal media firestorm and the perpetrators harshly punished.

The left portrays conservatives as being intolerant and rigid in their beliefs, however, it is the indoctrinated youth who are being encouraged by their liberal authority figures to be intolerant of peers with more traditional views.

Parents, teachers, and other adults must support and encourage every child, and prohibit violence and bullying of any kind.

This shameful indoctrination of our youth to target those who don’t agree with their views can only lead to further division and unrest.

And the hypocrisy of the left in doing exactly what they claim conservatives do — rigidly opposing those who disagree with their views — only proves the increasingly liberal culture pervading our country.

Parents must be on alert, monitoring their children for any signs of bullying, but also encourage them to stand for the traditional views they are raised with — and which our nation was built on.