The LGBT Agenda Encourages The Exploitation And Sale Of Young Children

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The LGBT agenda is obsessed with targeting children and as a result, our children are in serious danger.

And because of the LGBT’s over-sexualization of young children — the left has made it appear “normal’ to view an innocent child as an object.

And while you may think human trafficking of children only happens overseas, it’s taking place right here in America.

Children in America are being bought and sold for sex.

And unlike drugs which can only be sold once, traffickers continue to sell children again and again.

Many children are forced into the human trafficking business and their lives are destroyed.

Sexual predators scour social media sites looking for vulnerable girls and boys.

Other children enter the human trafficking business through a trusted friend or family member.

And human trafficking of children isn’t just in one American city – it’s everywhere – and affects all income levels.

Tragically, this disgusting behavior is on the rise.

And the worst part of all is the LGBT agenda is increasing the demand.

Children are being taught promiscuous sexual acts in the classroom…

…and then being told to have abortions if they become pregnant.

Abortion providers are even willing to side with sexual predators and perform abortions on 12-year-old girls – asking no questions.

But this should come as no surprise.

Abortion providers like Planned Parenthood have designed a curriculum teaching “transgenderism” to 3-year-olds.

In their eyes, no child is seen as too young to target.

And while the over-sexualization of children used to be condemned and unthinkable…

…LGBT activists now deem it acceptable to use children as objects to promote their sick agenda.

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One mother exploited her own 11-year-old autistic son, by allowing him to dress in drag and dance at a bar for tips in front of men.

And thanks to Target’s new “transgender” changing room and bathroom policies, one sexual pervert was caught trying to film a young girl – thankfully her father caught him and scared him off.

The obsession with “transgender” and perverse sexual deeds only empower sexual predators.

It is clear LGBT activists will continue to seek vulnerable children to push their agenda through.

And in response, we must protect and preserve the innocence of our children.



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