The Media Wants You To Believe Women Don’t Support Trump — They Couldn’t Be More Wrong

President Trump has been a polarizing figure since beginning his campaign for the White House.

Those who thought he would never be elected due to his lack of political correctness and anti-establishment attitude were shocked at his popularity.

But there is one group of Trump supporters who particularly surprised the political experts — and their support for the President continues to rise as he fulfills his campaign promises to restore our country to greatness: A growing number of American women.

During his campaign, the left and their cohorts in the media tried to portray Donald Trump as a misogynist who had no respect for women.

Trump says what he thinks, whether or not it is viewed politically correct, and is considered brash and disrespectful by his critics.

But they have learned that Trump has made the rights of women and children a priority with the appointments of leadership in his administration and in the bills he signs into law.

The Washington Post reported on Trump’s appeal for American women:

Diana Reimer, of the Tea Party Patriots, told me that she and other women became involved because “we have an opportunity to save our children from what is going to happen in this country.”

Amy Kremer, who for several years chaired the political action committee Tea Party Express, says she is just one of “many women who are fighting to take our country back.”

Trump’s calls to “Make America Great Again,” then, don’t just find appeal among angry men, but also angry women who feel that, culturally and economically, the United States is turning into a country they no longer recognize…and who believe that since the 1950s, American culture and life has mostly changed for the worse.

Among both working women and more traditional stay-at-home moms, Trump is equally popular.

He has made it clear that our nation must turn back to our core values and focus on the family.

That means creating more jobs for working parents to better provide for their children.

Despite what the liberal media reports about President Trump’s derogatory comments about women, he has worked to create better — and better paying — jobs for women.

CNS News reported earlier this year:

“Today I’m signing two bills that promote women entering and leading the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering, and math. Currently, only one in four women who gets a STEM degree is working in a STEM job – which is not fair, and it’s not even smart for the people that aren’t taking advantage of it,” Trump said.

He has placed women in high positions of power in his businesses prior to winning the White House, and has put them in key positions in his administration now that he is President.

And this is apparent in his support of his daughter Ivanka’s place in the business world, as well as a trusted unofficial advisor of sorts.

But perhaps where Trump strikes a chord with American women the most is in his promises to strengthen the family unit.

This includes changes in the tax code for families with children or who care for elderly parents, assistance with childcare issues, and creating a new market for family and community-based solutions.

And the pro-life stance of Trump and his administration is a key issue for women who support the President.

If we don’t protect the most innocent of Americans, babies and children, then how can America achieve greatness again?

From the “Women For Donald Trump” Facebook page to blogs and op-eds, it is clear that President Trump’s popularity is rising with American women who want their families to be valued – and their skills in the workplace.

Women are becoming a growing base of support for President Trump, and his actions in the first hundred days in office are proving his support for the issues real women care about.