The Real War On Women — It’s Not What You Think

In the 1960s, a new movement emerged in America — feminism.

At that time, certain groups of women felt they should be treated as complete equals to men at home and in the workplace, declaring there to be a “war on women.”

But those same women would give rise to the real war on women — one where modern women with traditional values are attacked for their choice to be a wife and mother first.

And more often than not, they are attacked by other women.

Women like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton would have you believe that a woman is not meeting her potential unless she has a powerful job, wealth, and control.

They do not believe a woman can be respected if they are “just” a wife or mother.

Or it is thought that a woman “does not really work” if they do not have a career outside the home.

And these high-profile women are portrayed as the ultimate role models for young women in today’s society, making a woman feel ashamed for making the choice to stay home and raise a family.

The Christian site The Trumpet reports:

Today, many women have come to understand that feminism really did not offer a choice in the ’60s. In fact, it demanded that women could only find fulfillment through a career outside the home. Though it has taken several decades for it to be recognized, in reality, feminism has led a vicious attack on motherhood—one of two major underpinnings of strong families.

Young women are made to feel that education should be directed toward career advancement only and not toward teaching and training their own young children. Stable families with educated, stay-at-home mothers would solve a large number of our current social troubles. We must learn to defend and praise the women who stay at home. Motherhood is noble and fulfilling, real work!

After 40 years of history, it is clear now that the feminist agenda has always been to seize power and change society to suit its own purpose, and in the process, erode the traditional family.

During the recent presidential elections, Hillary Clinton campaigned on her fight for American women and children during her long career.

But, ironically, she also made sure that U.S. voters knew of how hard she had worked to attain her status — long hours away from her family, frequent travel, and putting her career first.

Hillary and other powerful career women feel that they speak for every American woman’s dream – to have the same wealth and power as a man.

But if you ask the majority of American working women what they really need to be fulfilled, they would tell you it would be to spend more time with their family, and be home with their children.

Because of the socio-economic climate in America today, most families cannot financially afford for the mother to stay at home and raise her children.

But if you are able to do so, the feminists will liken you to a second-class citizen who has not reached their full potential.

The Trumpet also reports:

Today, a stay-at-home mother is viewed as a kind of second-class woman. In fact, feminists do not even view stay-at-home mothers as persons.

Unfortunately, this feminist teaching has planted deep roots in the consciousness of American women. The feminist tree has blossomed. Today, it is considered a great shame to be a wife and mother only. In fact, being a wife and mother is synonymous with the meaningless life of a lower, uneducated class of people.

The fight for women’s rights has actually turned into a fight against the family. Even the mothers of modern feminism admit that radical feminists have worked hard to repudiate the family.

The modern feminist claims you can, and must, “have it all” — the perfect career and family, all while making it look effortless.

Stress, anxiety, depression, and the incidence of broken families in the U.S. have skyrocketed in recent years.

There is too much to do, and too much pressure — especially on women — to do it all. And the family is suffering for it.

And while both the original feminists and those of today put the blame on men for their situation, it is women who have caused the real “war on women” seen today.