The Reason These Babies Died Will Leave Your Head Spinning

Not a day goes by that we are not exposed to the progressive anti-life agenda by liberals claiming to be fighting for “women’s reproductive rights.”  But very rarely do we hear discussion on the rights of the unborn – or very prematurely born – especially from the mainstream media.

Not only does abortion-on-demand continue to be readily available, but if a baby survives a procedure and is born alive, abortion clinics will do nothing to save the child – treating the baby no better than a piece of garbage to be discarded.

And it gets worse.  One family is sharing their story about the archaic and unbelievable guidelines some hospitals follow when it comes to premature infants.  If a baby is born before the “cut-off date” for viability according to these rules, hospital staff is told not to try to save the child.

Hoosiers for Life reported:

Andrew and Mackenzie Miller’s first baby, River, was born early and left to die. Once River was born, the doctors and nurses at Ball Memorial Hospital refused any type of medical intervention, despite pleas from his family to help.

Mackenzie Miller was admitted to Ball Memorial hospital in preterm labor at only 22 weeks and 1 day gestation. In order for her baby to even have a chance to survive, medical intervention was a must.

What was the doctor’s plan once he was born? How was he going to help the baby?  The Millers were told there was no plan to help him live. No matter what, because he was not yet 23 weeks gestation, the plan was to let River die. Without an advanced neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Ball Memorial, the doctors said they could not and would not try to save River.

Andrew asked for his wife to be transferred to different facility with a NICU. The hospital said, “No.”  The Millers asked for a steroid injection to help speed up River’s lung development. The hospital said, “No.”

Baby River was only three days short of the hospital’s archaic “cutoff date” to provide medical intervention.  Unless he was 23 weeks old, the doctors would not step in.

Doctors take an oath to help and heal their patients in any way possible.  A translated portion of the Hippocratic Oath states, “Practice two things in your dealings with disease: either help or do not harm the patient.”

This doctor, and many like him, are violating both aspects of this statement – they refused to help, and they did the worst possible harm to this child and his family.  Had they tried any type of medical intervention, River may have lived.

We know the left does not consider unborn children worthy of life, and this shocking story shows they apparently don’t see premature babies as worthy of saving either.

Activist Mommy reported:

Mackenzie went through the pain of labor, desperately trying to keep River in the womb for as long as possible, all the while her husband Andrew begged for doctors to help.

A nurse with a heart of stone finally spoke out and told the family with cold bluntness: “Let me be clear. When the baby is born, we will do nothing.”

Not even seeing River brought into this world with his feet kicking and his attempts to breathe would convince Ball Memorial Hospital to take action that would save this sweet boy’s life.

Sadly, after two hours this poor child passed away, surrounded by a family that loved him. Despite the short time the Millers were given with them, they have stated they are very thankful for getting to see their son.

The Millers are far from the only family who has experienced such heartache due to the callous ideology that children under 23 weeks are “better off dead.”  They excuse this behavior by saying these babies would suffer too many health issues to lead a normal life.

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In 2009, Sarah Capewell experienced a similar tragedy.  Her little boy was born two days before the “cutoff date” for medical intervention according to her doctors.  He was born very much alive, breathing on his own with a good heartbeat, but the doctors would do nothing to make sure things continued that way.

And in 2012, little Gabriel Ruthford died in a Seattle hospital due to the same reasoning on the part of his physicians.  He was born one day short of the standard 23 week threshold, and when his breathing and heartbeat stopped soon after birth, he was left to die in his parents’ arms.

The culture of death that is consuming our nation – and others all over the world – must end.  The unborn, ill, infirm, and elderly are looked at as a burden on our society by an increasingly self-absorbed and progressive society.

These precious little ones, and many others, could have had a fighting chance if they had been provided medical care – care that includes stunning new medical advancements and the ability to save infants at a younger age each day.

It remains for these physicians to step over the boundaries of regulatory red-tape and fulfill their oath to heal, and “first, do no harm.”

What do you think of these outrageous hospital policies?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.