The Sad Fact Is You Are Your Child’s Only Line Of Defense

The world we live in is increasingly becoming hostile to conservatives and families who desire to instill traditional family values in their children.

The left continues to push their agenda of homosexuality and other liberal perversions in every aspect of our daily life.

But while conservatives focus on the obvious attacks, liberal lessons like this are flying under the radar and they are just as damaging to young minds and the traditional family.

A teacher in a Virginia middle school decided to teach her class about the terms used for family relationships – grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, etc.

But what started out as a harmless lesson turned ugly fast.

Included on the test were terms like mistress, boy toy, and trophy wife. The worksheet even described a married person having an affair!

Rightfully outraged, Tara Sample drew social media attention to the worksheet as soon as she saw it in her daughter’s graded assignments. She posted a picture of the worksheet on Facebook and very quickly found like-minded parents agreeing with the inappropriate nature of the assignment.

“I couldn’t believe that an educator would be giving something like that an 11-year-old,” parent Tara Sample said. “No one in the schools system needs to be teaching my daughter what a mistress is or a trophy wife or boy toy. It’s inappropriate for a school. Period. We send our kids there to learn math, reading, science and history not to learn this other stuff that goes on in the world that they eventually going to learn anyways.”

In fact, isn’t that the root of the problem with our schools today? When did it become not only appropriate but deemed necessary to teach beyond the scope of reading, writing, and arithmetic?

It is the breakdown of the family that leads to the overreaching of the schools, which then perpetuates the continued breakdown of family values. Simply put, the school took on new roles as families became busier and society now not only expects it but demands it – at least that’s what liberals want you to believe.

But as this story clearly demonstrates, today’s parents are not so accepting of the school system teaching issues of morality and are demanding they go back to their original role – teaching math, science, and reading.

The school system, however, is not so keen on the idea of loosening the reigns as sex ed classes and other liberal rhetoric are pushed at younger and younger ages.

But while they hold fast to these “needed” classes, they are losing control of their teachers.

Recently Mommy Underground reported on a teacher who held a ceremony for a transgender child in her kindergarten class without school or parental permissions.

The Virginia teacher who implemented this disgusting worksheet is no different.

The Hopewell School System released a statement after the fact on Monday:

“We were made aware last evening of the Facebook coverage of the assignment given to students in the Family and Consumer Sciences program at our middle school. We immediately began to investigate,” Hopewell Schools Superintendent Dr. Melody Hackney said in a statement. “Upon further review, we have determined that a teacher downloaded this worksheet from the Internet. This content was not a part of the current and approved curriculum for this course nor was it in any way an appropriate learning tool for middle school aged children. This assignment was also not included or referenced in the teacher’s weekly lesson plans that are reviewed and approved in advance of instruction.”

Basically, the superintendent is claiming the teacher, who they closely supervise through weekly lesson plan review, went rogue and downloaded an unapproved worksheet from the internet.

But in reality, teachers have more power and less oversight than this school system would like you to believe. And it is becoming increasingly popular for teachers to find resources online.

And as it has already been demonstrated, teachers are trying to slip liberal brainwashing lessons into the classroom.

The sad fact is you as the parent are the only one looking out for your child.

Imagine if a worksheet like this had been used in a high school classroom. It is much more unlikely that it would have been brought to the parent’s attention, as high schoolers are independent and generally don’t show their parents all their completed assignments.

Independence is a part of growing up and our high schoolers deserve some aspects of privacy.

But what if high school teachers are pushing the same boundaries their elementary and middle school counterparts are, and we are just simply missing it? The odds are not in our favor and it almost certainly is happening in high schools across the country.

What can we do as parents to protect our children from “rogue” teachers pushing liberal immorality onto our children? How are you talking to your children about this issue? Tell us in the comments section below.


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