The Shocking Story Of Global Christian Persecution

Treating others differently because of their religious beliefs is wrong. The party line difference when saying this is that the right actually means it.

Liberals rant about accepting everyone and being tolerant of other religions, but they often bash Christianity for holding views that contradict their agenda; this is the definition of bigotry.

The same intolerance is held in many nations around the world. Christians are facing grotesque ends for their faith every day, often without anyone taking notice.

With this knowledge, liberal media powerhouses continue to cover stories of transgender men who had their feelings hurt for someone looking at them differently (when he chose to dress differently), and the like.

Fox News reported on the surprising statistics of Christian persecution:

Nearly one in 12 Christians across the globe lives in an area where there is high-level persecution against members of the religion, according to an annual report by a top religious advocacy group.”

Open Doors USA is an organization that gives aid to oppressed Christians in more than 60 countries.

Recently, they released the World Watch List which is an informative report that shows incidents of Christian persecution globally, along with the details that surround them.

The list ranks countries, as well, in order of how many Christians they oppress, and the severity in which it is done.

The grim results of the Open Doors monitoring leads us to give pause. Fox News reported:

The findings in this year’s report showed 215 million Christians are in areas that have experienced high levels of persecution, including 50 countries that were on the list.

Among those facing persecution during the reporting period, 3,066 Christians were killed, 1,252 were abducted, nearly 800 churches were defaced and 1,020 Christians were raped or sexually harassed. Officials with Open Doors say the last figure is a troubling development as Christian women became an increased target of persecution — with six women being targeted daily.”

What stood out the most to analysts of the report was that women are being increasingly targeted in the Christian population, with more extreme violence acted upon them.

David Curry, President, and CEO of Open Doors USA told Fox News. “We need to raise the flag. These are tactics that are being increasingly used by extremists.”

 It was, also, noted by Curry there are reported incidents of sex traffickers paying “more money for the abducted daughters of pastors, compared to other girls.”

Completely sick!

The Middle East remains one of the most intolerant regions in the world. With Islamic extremists spearheading initiatives among their loyal followers to annihilate all those who don’t succumb to their fanatical ways, or bring them into submission.

In an effort to force the spread of Islam, and halt anything that’s not,  “at least six women every day are raped, sexually harassed or forced into marriage to a Muslim man under the threat of death for their Christian faith”, according to study findings on Fox News.

There has been found over 2,000 reports of these incidents by The World Watch List. And, as with all reports of illegal incidents, that only represents a portion of actual events.

35 of the 50 countries in the Middles East on the list has seen “a dramatic increase” in Christian persecution.

Currently, the top 2 countries showing Christians no remorse as their lives are mangled are Afghanistan and North Korea.

This is doubly a great cause of distress for Afghanistan because many nations, including ours, have given them aid in an effort to see them reach heights of religious freedom.

It is not surprising to see North Korea on the list with the country’s harsh rule, and notorious ill reprieve for their enemies.

North Korea has been the biggest persecutor of Christians globally for 16 years running, and a change is not on the horizon.

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Fox News reported:

The Hermit Kingdom is officially an atheist state where – except for a “show church” in Pyongyang that tourists are shown – public worship is forbidden.

The totalitarian state forces the estimated 300,000 Christians living there to hide their religious beliefs and fellowship among each other. This leads much of the religious population in North Korea to go underground with their worship.”

Genocide of those in the Christian faith has already begun by militants of the Islamic State Group, in Nigeria by Islamic extremists, and in North Korea where Christians are being forced to have abortions, Crux Now revealed.

Christian persecution is at a peak, some experts are saying it is one of the worst times in history for those of the faith.

As we see, most countries show no compassion for Christians. Fearing a foundational, and deep, belief that gives honor to one all-powerful God of the universe, ruthless rulers aim to exterminate the threat to their supremacy, and other religious extremists want their way or death.

It is heartbreaking to see individuals who simply want the freedom to walk a Biblical life, being beaten, condemned, and killed; or worse.

This should lead one to take stock of all the privileges received as a citizen of the great nation of the United States. A broader perspective allows one to see what being a victim of intolerance is truly about.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the Christian persecution around the world, and how you think it could be improved.