There Is A Way To Keep Your Marriage Strong During Isolation

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Marriage can be difficult at times on a normal day- during a pandemic it can be even more challenging.

With shelter in place policies enacted all over the nation, families are having to readjust their routines amid a lingering fear of contracting COVID-19.

But the time together can be used for your advantage, strengthening your marriage with these relationship building tools.


1. Marriage Counseling

Typical American lives are hectic. There is not nearly enough time to get a to-do list done let alone get a sitter for marriage counseling when you are going through a rough patch.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic many employees are being sent home to work remotely, cutting out all that wasted time on commutes and office politics.

Now there is no excuse to push your issues to the curb. Many therapists take insurance, or have a reduced cash price for sessions.

You can also get some useful tools to use while the family is under one roof for an extended period of time.


2. Keep Expectations Low

Having your husband home from work may have you revisiting the honey-to-do list created over the past ten years, but adding big projects to a stressful time will only compound strife.

Be realistic with expectations on your spouse. Maybe one project a week would be fair, and let meal times be a little more relaxed.

Instead of filling your time together with tasks, try doing a bonding activity each day, such as going on a walk, sitting around a bonfire, practicing your best dance moves, or giving stand-up comedy a go.


3. Respect Healthy Boundaries

Going from seeing each other a few hours a day to 12 hours a day is a big transition.

Lindsay P from Tucson, Arizona told Café Mom:

We take turns giving the other alone time each day — solo walks or drives, watching tv/listening to music in the bedroom with the door shut. I’ve also been holding off on any ‘big’ convos I’d been wanting to have with him… and trying to keep things light. We’ve lightened up on setting structure/limits around screen time (for all of us!) and making meals that require any sort of time/planning. Simplicity is the name of the game for us right now.”

Find a groove that works for you and your spouse where you can spend quality time together, and also give each space to recharge.


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4. Maintain a Routine

Days can get long without the structure of a routine, especially when you and your spouse have been operating under one for such a long time.

Don’t sleep the day away, even when you have dreamed of such a day for years…well, maybe just a couple late mornings.

Eat breakfast together, do a fitness routine together, engage in a productive task, and then set off alone for an hour before dinner to address your own interests.

Routines can be the bane of your existence, but they are functional and healthy for a productive day.

Don’t let this time together be detrimental to your marriage. Use it to uplift one another, and talk about how you can support each other during this difficult time.

Marriages are full of love, laughter, and tears, and now you can enjoy all three.


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