There Is Danger – And A Whole Lot Of Irony – In This Teacher’s Message

As the left continues to spread its propaganda at every turn and attack those who disagree with them, it becomes increasingly apparent that they are unaware of their hypocrisy.

They call for “tolerance” and “inclusion,” while being intolerant of others’ views, and saving inclusion only for those who go along with their radical agenda.

Recently, a teacher made the news for being transgender — sadly, this is nothing new.  A liberal media outlet ran the story as a celebration.  But this story is only newsworthy for the remarkable irony of the subject “he” teaches.

You guessed it – biology.

Activist Mommy reported:

[Lewis] Maday-Travis was classified as female at birth.  Two years ago, Maday-Travis started teaching his sixth graders a unit about how certain groups of people are marginalized in science – like people of color and those with disabilities – and how that changes how science is researched and who is considered.

“As I was opening that unit, I thought that was a really appropriate time for me to talk about my experience as a trans person in science – talking about what it was like when I was perceived as a woman teaching science, or a woman doing science in the lab, compared to my experiences now, as a man.”

This should infuriate parents on so many levels.  First of all, this teacher is using “his” position to teach science as a soapbox to indoctrinate children barely out of elementary school.

Then, he likens his transgenderism to race, ethnicity, or a physical disability – characteristics that are based on biology or genetics, and which cannot be changed.

Maday-Travis goes on to explain how “accepting” his students have been about his transgenderism.  This is perhaps the most offensive remark he could have made.  These are young children, most of whom probably do not even understand what he is talking about, and who are in a classroom with an authority figure they are supposed to respect and not question.

Maday-Travis teaches at Seattle Academy, a private school which does not require him to use a textbook or submit a lesson plan.  His students, who are supposed to be learning the scientific facts of biology, are instead a captive audience to his indoctrination and falsities, and apparently unchecked by the administration.

Maday-Travis also – shockingly – teaches sexual education and human anatomy.  The irony and hypocrisy here are unbearable.

KUOW, who initially reported on Maday-Travis, quotes some of his other preposterous remarks:

“Oftentimes, students come into a science classroom, in particular, expecting things to be very black and white, very binary,” he said. 

Maday-Travis shows his students examples from the animal world that illustrate what’s actually a huge diversity of gender norms and reproductive practices.

“And so it’s really exciting to be a science teacher who is able to show all of those examples, including examples that reflect situations where the majority of a population has different sex couplings who are raising young together. And also examples where there is just wacky and wild things happening.”

Maday-Travis also teaches human anatomy and sex ed. While a lot of schools have prescribed lessons for those subjects, at his private school, teachers are in charge of the curriculum.

“It’s a gift to not be teaching from a textbook,” he said. “I have never seen a respectful, and, like, a truly inclusive approach to bodies like mine in a textbook.”

Maday-Travis is not the only liberal trying to use biology as support for their radical ideology.  Several “scientists” and even other biology teachers who support the LGBT agenda try to use “examples in the animal world” where biological sex can change or is non-existent.

But we are talking about human beings here – humans who are born with a permanent biological sex, and children who are being taught that no such idea exists.  Biological gender is an inherent trait in human beings, and comparing us to flatworms or microorganisms without complex DNA is ridiculous – and dangerous.

KUOW continued:

Maday-Travis said he thinks this approach to science makes the school a more welcoming place for all of his students — and for him, too.

“I was worried when I first came out as trans that somehow I had overstepped a boundary that was not professional, or that wouldn’t be accepted by the community,” he said. “But in reality, I found that the ways that it has allowed me to be my authentic self have made me a better teacher.”

The propaganda being pushed on our children by the LGBT community and their liberal allies is reaching critical mass.  The dangers for our children are increasing every day, and teachers who choose to change the facts to meet their personal preferences have no business in the profession.

No longer are academics based on fact – or are they even being taught at all?  It appears as if children everywhere are being led through the door every morning into indoctrination centers, not schools.

Do you think this teacher has any place in a classroom with our vulnerable children?  What are your thoughts on what is happening in our schools?  Leave us your comments.

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