These Disgusting Confessions Of A Post-Abort Mom Are Sickening

There’s nothing worse than hearing yet another story from pro-aborts, claiming “women’s rights”, while yet another innocent life is lost at the hands of an eager abortionist.

Except for one thing – hearing these horrific words from a mother, before she authorized the slaughter of her baby.

In fact, her words are chilling and show such a disregard for human life, it’s absolutely sickening.

This mother talked in a breezy matter about murdering her baby, as if she was describing a new clothing item she purchased from the store.

She penned a letter as if she were talking to the child she murdered, mixed in with “I wanted to be a mom, really” type of language, but then admitting she was ultimately too selfish and wanted to live her life, and because she murdered her child, she had that chance.

Truly, selfish to the core, this woman carries out in a rant how she wanted to stay home and party, and really just wasn’t ready to be a mom.

Scary Mommy reported:

“I wanted to live my life. I was just starting my career, I’d just turned 21, and honestly, your father and I had been having problems in our relationship, arguing over the fact that I wanted to party and he wanted to stay home, all the time.

He was older, more mature, and I guess, ready to be in love. I was a rebellious kid intent on playing house but incapable of handling the boredom that came with it…

You weren’t the catalyst, in the end; you became the excuse I needed to get out…

I’m tired of punishing myself for letting you go. Of being guilty for not feeling guiltier. For the sense of relief I felt. For being sad. For the incomprehensibly mixed emotions I’ve carried.

The tears that I’ve cried and the numbness that enveloped me, and the life I’ve managed to live because you didn’t.”

While this letter is horrific to read, it reveals the truth behind what happens with so many abortions.

To put it simply – pro-aborts view babies as an “inconvenience”, instead of a blessing from God.

If this woman didn’t want to have a baby, she could have placed her child up for adoption, and given her baby the chance at life.

But instead, she wrote a twisted sick story, actually describing how she felt her child inside her, and what he must have looked like.

Scary Mommy continued:

“I want to say that my world shifted until all that mattered was you. That I imagined you to be a precocious little thing, sucking on your thumb constantly the way I did, or so I’ve been told, till I was five.

I’d like to say that I thought you would have gotten your father’s gentle kindness and my wild rebellion. That you would have inherited both our senses of humour and sarcasm (poor thing), and that you’d be a cookie monster, just like your father.

It’s sickening, as this mother was placed on the abortion table, she actually imagined her child sucking his thumb, and dreamt about what he’d look like.

And while some post-abortive mothers later go on to regret their abortion, this mom clearly has a different take.

She has the audacity to say, she is “not sad” she murdered her baby, and she would have resented her child, had she kept him.

Scary Mommy continued:

“I mourn you, but another facet to this truth, is that I am not sad I let you go.

I would’ve resented you had I kept you. I would rather feel guilty for being a bad person by letting you go, then by being a bad mother and screwing up your life and your perspective of the world by keeping you.”

This woman murdered her baby and did so without hesitation.

And instead of grieving her life-altering decision, she writes as if though she’d do it again if given the opportunity.

This woman’s story should have never seen the light of day.

But of course, being the leftist outlet that they are Scary Mommy decided to further the post-abort agenda by showcasing this story, as if readers should feel sorry for this woman, or agree with her decisions.

What are your thoughts on this mother’s story on her abortion?

Do you think she shows any remorse for the child she slaughtered?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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