Third Officer Killed In Colorado Since New Year’s Eve

A war has been waged against law enforcement by ignorant individuals looking to blame others for their choices.

Last year was sad, with more officers dying than typically do annually. Many contribute this tragedy to liberal movements, specifically the one advertising that some lives matter more than others.

We hope and pray this year brings less violence from all people; of every occupation, race, and background.

In Colorado, their new year was off to a rough start. The downward trend has continued throughout these beginning months, with another officer killed in the line of duty just this past week.

An officer was killed in Colorado Springs this past Monday, making it three officers fatally shot, and four wounded, in Colorado alone since New Year’s Eve.

Fox News reported:

“Deputy Micah Flick, with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, was shot while investigating a motor vehicle theft, officials confirmed. Monday was his 11th anniversary with the department, and he left behind a wife and 7-year-old twins.”

It is hard to see an officer who sacrifices so much, part of which is long hours away from their family, die in a valiant match against injustice.

When one passes unexpectedly, leaving a spouse and children mourning, it is devastating.

The unidentified shooter died at the scene of the incident, police told reporters. There are no other suspects in the case.

Fox News gave the details of the three other officers who were, also, shot at the scene of Flick’s death:

A Colorado Springs police officer who was shot is in surgery and in stable condition. Two other sheriff’s deputies were shot, but their conditions were unclear Monday night.”

During the shooting, a bystander was shot, said police. The innocent gunshot victim was treated with no known complications.

The senseless shooter didn’t want to take responsibility for the crime he committed, so he inflicted death and violence on those around him.

Lives will be forever changed for the families and loved ones of the officers shot, all because of a senseless act perpetrated by a selfish criminal.

Sen. Michael Bennet spoke his sympathies for the officers, calling the violence a “senseless act against law enforcement who put their lives on the line to protect our communities”, on Twitter.

Flick was only 34-years-old, beginning his career young in law enforcement. He was loved by his department and was called an “outstanding member” of the department, according to Fox News.

This recent incident was preceded by the shooting of Officer Zack Parrish, with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, and Dep. Heath Gumm, with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office.

Parrish was responding to a domestic disturbance in an apartment complex on December 31st, when he was ambushed by a gunman that killed him, according to Fox News.

Gumm died from a gunshot while responding to an assault in progress on January 24, 2017, according to Fox News.

Many officers were at the scene of Flick’s death trying to figure out what had happened to their fallen brother in blue.

Comrades were seen storming the hospital to offer their support to the officers being treated after Monday’s shooting, according to The Denver Post.

The Governor of Colorado made a statement on the officer’s behalf. Fox News reported:

We will once more come together to provide sympathy and strength for the deputy’s loved ones and pray for those injured,” Hickenlooper said in a statement. “However, we must also come together to say enough is enough. We want each officer, every deputy, to know we are grateful for their service.”

Senator Gardner added to the sentiments. The Denver Post reported:

Once again, a member of Colorado law enforcement has made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the community,” Gardner said in a series of social media tweets. “I’m also praying for the other law enforcement officials involved in this tragedy. We owe everything to these brave, selfless heroes.”

Colorado law enforcement has already suffered so much. Being a criminal is a life choice that you make, thus your responsibility to bear.

The careless harm inflicted on our public protectors needs to stop. It has gone too far.

It is not a gun issue, it is a people issue. Progressives love to take the burden of owning your actions away from the individual and into the hands of the government.

This needs to stop or conditions will only grow more weary, as people live a life where they can act first, and blame later.

Please let us know your thoughts on the fallen officers in the last couple months, and if you see a solution to minimize casualties.



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