This Cold-Blooded Killer Just Won A Human Rights Award

There are many people who put their lives on the line fighting to defend human rights, both at home and abroad.

So when it comes to awarding an outstanding leader who has been a tireless advocate for human rights, there is a long list of selfless people to choose from.

Which is why when the latest recipient of a human rights award went to a cold-blooded killer, it was beyond shocking.

The winner of the human rights award wasn’t a solider who fought to defend America’s freedom, or a missionary who gave up everything to rescue girls from a life of forced prostitution, and human trafficking.

In fact, the recipient of this so-called “human rights” award is responsible for the purposeful slaughter of millions of innocent babies.

And to add insult to injury, she’s authorized the slaughter of these sweet babies without remorse and, is trying to expand her organization to kill even more innocent babies.

The recipient of the latest human rights award went to Cecile Richards, the former president of Planned Parenthood, who is responsible for the slaughter of millions of babies.

The “human rights” award was given by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, which is essentially made up of liberals and left-wing activists, who claim to be advocating for “human rights”, when in turn they are only supporting those who agree with their leftist agenda.

The Leadership Conference is a coalition made up of groups such as Center For Reproductive Rights, Feminist Majority, National Center for Lesbian Rights, National Center For Transgender Equality, and The Sierra Club, just to name a few.

In choosing to honor Cecile Richards for her unapologetic stance on murdering unborn babies, the Leadership Conference called her an “agent of change” and boasted on the “determination” she’s demonstrated to make America better.

This leftist group actually thinks America is made better, when babies are slaughtered at the hands of Planned Parenthood thugs.

Raving and praising Richards, the Leadership Conference released a press release which said:

“Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund, is a nationally respected leader in women’s health and reproductive rights.

Planned Parenthood has worked for more than 100 years to build a healthier and safer world for women, men, and young people.

She has grown advocacy efforts to fight for expanded access to health care, and has led innumerable nationwide campaigns to preserve patients’ access to preventive health care at Planned Parenthood health centers through federal programs.”

It takes a sick individual to rejoice as innocent life is slayed.

Cecile Richards is not a defender of human rights.

At the expense of innocent babies, she not only strips away their chance at life, but she leaves behind their mothers, who are often traumatized at the horrific ordeal, and have to overcome the physical and emotional scars from having their babies ripped out from within them.

The fact Richards won a human rights award, shows just how far we have fallen.

Not only is Cecile Richards not a defender of human rights, but her beloved organization, Planned Parenthood is known for covering up sexual assault, and protecting sexual predators over women.

There is nothing pro-women about Richards or her organization.

Liberals are more concerned with protecting the lives of animals then they are of innocent babies.

They advocate for rights of “transgender” individuals, as if they are some sort of social justice warrior for defending the “minority” populations, yet they slaughter innocent babies, who are helpless to speak up for themselves.

A true defender of human rights, defends life at its most fragile state.

Do you think Cecile Richards should have received a human rights award?

Why do you think liberals consider it brave, to slaughter innocent babies?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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