This Couple Puts Family First And The Liberal Media Can’t Touch Them

Chip and Joanna Gaines have taken the nation by storm with their hit show Fixer Upper on HGTV. They are outspoken about being Christians and putting their family first and foremost.

Liberal gossip sites have tried relentlessly to slander the couple, but have been unsuccessful as Chip and Joanna handle it all with grace.

The couple recently announced that this would be the last season of their show, but it wasn’t the last surprising announcement they would have for their loyal fans.

Chip had been leaving hints on Instagram as to what the big announcement might be, but it wasn’t until their January 2nd episode that it was revealed that they were in fact expecting their fifth child.

After two vague hints earlier on twitter, Chip’s final hint read:

Immediately after posting this, Chip revealed this baby bump picture on Instagram:

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The picture clearly captures the couples’ unique personalities, while revealing Joanna’s adorable baby bump.

Many fans knew that the January 2nd episode was special for the couple as Joanna had tweeted earlier about why it was so dear to her heart:

But no one was expecting this announcement!

Chip and Joanna have 4 older children, two girls and two boys.

We will have to wait and see which way the tie will be broken!

During the episode Chip and Joanna chant “Number 5” throughout it and there’s even a video of them having a discussion about pickles and ice cream, which of course Chip put up on Twitter for all fans to see:

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While fans will be sad to see the show end, at least they now know what the couple meant when they said they were taking time to focus on family!

It will however leave a void on an otherwise liberal network.

While other shows on the network have been surrounded by divorce and liberal agendas, Fixer Upper has been a beacon for conservative Christian and family values.

Most shows on the network focus on fancy houses, upgrades, and renovations. Chip and Joanna, however, demonstrate how they live modestly while raising happy children.

We can only hope that their influence will lead the way for more wholesome shows to replace Fixer Upper on HGTV.

Congratulations Chip and Joanna!

And thank your for being a shining example of God’s grace and conservative values!

Do you watch Fixer Upper?

What are your thoughts on the show’s abrupt ending and Chip and Joanna’s big announcement?

Do you think it will be replaced with another family friendly show?

Tell us in the comment section below!


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