This Couple’s Choice Helped Their Child Defy The Odds

Few of us can imagine the devastation of hearing that our child will be born with a life-threatening condition – or worse – that if they survive the pregnancy that they likely won’t live long after birth.

This is every parent’s nightmare – to carry a precious child, to prepare for them, to make plans for all you will do together, only to be told you may lose your child at any time.

While the liberals and self-proclaimed “pro-choice” people may say this is why they support killing babies, it is not our right to end another life to spare ourselves from heartache.  And one family shows the value of every life, and their faith in God’s will, with every day they have their precious daughter.

Live Action reported:

Emily and Michael Pluckett were thrilled to be expecting their first child, a baby girl they planned to name Blakely. Then at their routine 20-week ultrasound, doctors delivered some heartbreaking news. Something was wrong with Blakely and it appeared to be affecting her brain. Doctors predicted that if the little girl survived the pregnancy, she would likely die at birth or shortly after, and they advised abortion. But the couple chose life, saying they would love their daughter no matter what.

“We had to make the decision on whether to terminate or not pretty quickly, due to the laws in Missouri. I will not lie and say the thoughts didn’t cross my mind as I was bombarded with this devastating and frightening news, however, Mikey and I immediately told the doctors we wanted to keep the baby, no matter the circumstances,” wrote Emily Pluckett on the couple’s blog. “We didn’t know the outcome of this pregnancy but we knew God was sovereign and her life was meant for something!”

Blakely was born with Alobar Holoprosencephaly, a condition in which the two hemispheres of the brain fuse together.  It causes brain and facial malformations, and the Pluckett family was encouraged to terminate the pregnancy.  They were told she would not survive long after birth.

With their devout faith in God, they knew that Blakely, and every single unborn child, deserves a chance to live and that they have a purpose to fulfill.

Live Action reported:

 “We are unnerved, crushed, heart-broken, angry, sad, lost and confused,” Michael Pluckett wrote. “[…] We will love this little girl no matter what happens and we know that you guys will love her no matter what happens. Emily and I want her and we are glad that she is our girl. We want to hold her and see her and kiss her and hug her. We want to tell her that we love her and that God loves her too. She is our little baby and she belongs to us and we are glad that God has given us this girl.”

 “I will always remember looking at Blakely’s face and holding her to my chest those very first few moments and thinking, ‘God this is good, this is what you are all about, do what you must to my family, we are in your hands.’ I can’t really explain it but as I held Blakely with Emily by my side I was convinced full heartedly that God was more good than I could imagine. He heard my cries and he fathered me and he held me and he loved me,” wrote Michael Pluckett.

Blakely was born in April, and against all odds, she has made it this far.  She has frequent seizures and her facial malformations cause her to need a feeding tube.  She receives medication to control some of her medical issues, but every day is full of the threat of losing this precious little girl.

Blakely is now seven months old and has learned to lift her head and reach for objects.  The baby who wasn’t supposed to live but a few moments outside the womb is a testimony to God’s power and His purpose.  And her parents are a testament for life.

The heartache they feel every day knowing they will likely lose their child is something that none of us could imagine being able to bear.  But their faith helps them enjoy every day they are blessed to have with Blakely.

Live Action reported:

 “I don’t want to live preparing for death even though I know it is coming. I know it is coming not only for Blakely but also for me,” wrote Michael Pluckett. “I don’t want to live a life where I am trying to make death into something that is not scary and into something that is ‘normal’ and into something that is pleasant. Death sucks.

“So let it come what must come but I am going to live in the fullness of this moment. Blakely is alive and she is my daughter and I can touch her warm skin and hold her tight. I pray that I never have to see her die, but if this is what is to come then let it hit me as hard as it can, because I don’t want to live in the shadow of death but rather in the fullness of life (to live fully involves feeling the pain of actually living).”

No one knows what God holds in store for us.  Every life has value and purpose, and should be celebrated.

We can only pray for those who do not understand the fullness of life with a child, the witnessing of a miracle at a baby’s birth, or the ability to put something greater ahead of our own needs. We can pray – and we can fight for the unborn.

For this family, their choice to put it in God’s hands and give their daughter a chance at life – no matter how short – is an inspiring example of what happens when we let go and let God take over.

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