This Feminist Show Is An Embarrassment To All Women

The feminists are at it again, blasting every view that does not match their own.

This time, the rant came from the women who host the talk show, The View, and their opinions are an embarrassment to women everywhere.

The show was started years ago by media icon Barbara Walters, but has turned into a feminist platform by wealthy Hollywood women who have no idea what they are talking about.

On a recent episode, the hosts were discussing President Trump’s move to overturn the Obama administration’s mandate that Christian businesses must cover the cost of access to contraceptive and abortificient medications through health insurance coverage for their employees.

This mandate currently requires Christians to defy their religious beliefs, affecting pro-life organizations like Hobby Lobby and even Catholic charities like Little Sisters of the Poor.

Within just a few minutes on air, the hosts celebrated Planned Parenthood, gay marriage and adoption, and the feminist ideology that Christians are irresponsible and hide behind their faith.

LifeSite News reported on the exchange:

Sara Haines responded by blasting people who want to defund abortion giant Planned Parenthood:

“It’s also a bit of a conflict for them to say, because you wanna remove funding from places like Planned Parenthood that allows for family planning and decisions. You now wanna remove contraception. And yet you say that people that are poor ­– like Dr. – Ben Carson said – you know, people that live in projects and things are gettin’ too comfortable – they’re suckin’ the system dry – well you’re not giving them options to make the right decision if you’re pulling all of – you’re almost punishing us for having ovaries.”

And outspoken feminist Whoopi Goldberg, who has been critical of conservative women throughout her career, went on a tirade against family values.

LifeSite News continued:

“Do what you need to do for your family, let me do what I need to do for mine, and we’ll all be fine,” Goldberg suggested. She seemed unaware that at issue here is whether people can force their views on religious employers, coercing them into funding services and devices that they find morally objectionable.

“How is it different from the Taliban, I’d like to know?” asked Joy Behar.

Goldberg then ranted about personal responsibility – and her apparent belief that personal responsibility renders women unable to pay for their own birth control pills.

Jedediah Bila said conscientious objectors “hide behind religion to restrict other people’s rights.”

“That’s done all the time,” Goldberg claimed. “We saw it when people said, oh, we can’t have gay people adopting so we’re gonna stop it.”

“I said this before, I’m going to say it again: with all these rollbacks, and all the things that we hear, what’s the difference between us and the people we’re fighting?” asked Goldberg. She didn’t specify which “people we’re fighting” she meant, but The Blaze called it “an apparent reference to the Islamic State.”

“Nothing,” responded Behar. “It’s to keep women down … let’s not forget that one of the reasons they do this is to keep women in their place.”

Goldberg finished with a tirade about how Christian groups against funding other people’s birth control shouldn’t be given any tax breaks, and how they’re not even Christian:

“You’re a faith-based company, you should not get any tax breaks. How about that? If you’re gonna operate like everybody else, you don’t get the tax breaks…as a religious group, if you’re gonna talk politics, as a religious group, you don’t get a tax break. Sorry! So basically what you’re saying is people who work in religious, uh, hospitals, or schools, even if they’re Jewish or they’re not believers, you’re sayin’ they’re not welcome there because unless you believe exactly and do exactly what they say, you’re not welcome. That’s not what you’re supposed to be saying. That’s not Christian!”

The disturbing exchange, such as comparing conservative views to a Taliban-like control over women, is a slap in the face to traditional women everywhere.

Whoopi Goldberg and her View co-hosts do not speak for women, and their hypocritical rants to “defend” impoverished women is an embarrassment and disgrace — especially as they spout their views while enjoying a wealthy Hollywood lifestyle.

These attacks on family values are the issue here, as The View co-hosts rant daily about keeping women “in their place.”

Most American women value their families, and would do anything possible to protect their children.

And calling Christians “anti-Christian” is the most ridiculous form of hypocrisy and lack of understanding about what real women want.

And Barbara Walters, who started the show years ago, has even expressed her disgust at what the show has turned into.

Page Six reports:

“She feels they’ve ruined the franchise that she and Bill Geddie built. Instead of focusing on smart, educated women with strong talent, they cast uninformed child actors on the show. The legacy has been compromised because of poor casting and bad leadership.”