This Latest Customer Survey Is The Final Nail-In-The-Coffin For Target

Target may have finally reached the point of no return.

Plummeting sales. Elimination of prominent senior staff. A badly damaged brand name.

But this latest survey just might be too much for Target to overcome.

In fact, this survey proves all along what former Target customers have been trying to say.

Breitbart reported:

“The survey of 2,500 Target customers shows declines across the board, including customer service, merchandise selection, and overall quality. According to the survey, Target’s satisfaction level has fallen 383 points to 66.7 percent, MSN Money reported.

As MSN ruefully noted, “It appears unhappy Target shoppers could be taking their business elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, the company’s fortunes continue to decline.

On Wednesday, the discount retailer reported first quarter same-store sales fell 1.3%. While that was better than analyst estimates for a 3.6% drop, it marked the fourth straight quarterly decline in the key retail measure. Walmart’s U.S. business, on the other hand, saw same-store sales gain 1.4% in the first quarter on the back of efforts to slash food prices and bolster customer service.”

Conservative parents warned Target not to go down the route of allowing “transgender” bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Parents boycotted Target, and sent a stern warning to Target if they went ahead with this, they would pay the price.

But Target wouldn’t listen.

And now, after parents have taken their children, and their dollars elsewhere, Target is forced to see the writing on the wall.

Even Target’s CEO, who has long tried to convey the image that “everything is fine” admitted things aren’t so good in the boardroom.

Breitbart reported:

“While insisting that things are turning around for his company, Target CEO Brian Cornell admitted, “We aren’t doing any high fives in the [board] room.”

The CEO is also finding consequences from the company’s fall. This month it was reported that the retailer slashed its CEO’s pay by at least one-third.

Cornell is not the only high-ranking officer at Target to feel the pain. As the company works to revamp itself in the face of its ongoing troubles, several top executives have been fired or have otherwise moved on from the retailer.

Other signs of the retailer’s troubles came in February when it abruptly dumped several projects aimed at revitalizing the company’s brand.”

When conservative parents unite together, anything is possible.

Businesses need to learn if they choose to move towards the “equality for all” mantra, and lump in “transgender” policies, it won’t be a winning move.

Parents across the country care about protecting their children and won’t subject their little girls to being traumatized by a grown man walking in on them in the restroom.

Teen girls want to be free to change in a dressing room without a man dressed as a woman directly next to them.

Target learned the hard way. More businesses should take a look at the downward spiral of Target, and think twice about implementing “transgender” policies in their stores.

Do you think conservative parents caused Target’s steady decline in sales and satisfaction?

Do you still shop at Target, or have you taken your business elsewhere too?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.