This Latest Leftist “Protest” Will Make Your Stomach Turn

Of all the left’s plans to eradicate traditional family values and mold society into their progressive image, perhaps their top priority is keeping abortion accessible for all.

With their anti-life, anti-family ideologies, they cannot comprehend that any child has a right to life if it is inconvenient to them – or to the end-game of their agenda.

Progressive groups are once again protesting policies which protect innocent life – but their admissions and reaction to these regulations are more shocking than anyone could imagine.

Like Republican presidents before him, President Trump and his administration reinstated the “Mexico City Policy,” which blocks federal funding to international health organizations that perform abortions.

And these left-wing organizations are “raising Cain” that anyone would dare take away their blood money, so readily given by presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Yes, not only did these liberal presidents insist all American women be able to kill their own babies, they wanted U.S. taxpayers to pay for women in other countries to kill their unborn children as well.

The policy has been reinstated and expanded under the Trump administration to not only block funding for abortion to “reproductive health” organizations but to ban abortion funding for all international organizations that provide health care to impoverished areas.

The expanded policy has been renamed “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance,” and the changes are infuriating the leftist organizations that depend on U.S. funding to continue their murder of the unborn.

So-called “reproductive health” or “family planning” organizations – usually code words for groups that advocate for and perform abortions  —  claim that the Mexico City Policy is causing irreparable harm to impoverished women in places like Africa.

But beyond the fact that they won’t have us to foot the bill to murder their unborn, these organizations are upset because they often use some of the funding to support other anti-family causes like advocating for alternative lifestyles and gender fluidity.

Because international organizations are losing their funding to perform abortions, some are refusing to follow the regulations at all in a temper-tantrum of sorts that is taking away access to legitimate healthcare for impoverished communities.

As a form of official complaint against the expanded Trump policy, the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) released a report they refer to as the “global gag rule.”

In the report, they complain that abortion is essential to international communities, particularly in African countries.

An excerpt from the CHANGE report shows just how widespread the anti-life culture is in these nations:

When abortions are conducted safely and legally, and are accessible, available, affordable, and acceptable as a reproductive health option, they provide women with a wider range of choices to plan their families.

Abortion is a key component of comprehensive family planning, and undermining access to comprehensive family planning services hurts women by denying them the tools they need to make decisions that are best for them, including preventing unintended and unwanted pregnancies.

Simply put, they are angry because they will be inconvenienced if the U.S. doesn’t pay to murder their children.

The main reason for the backlash against the policy?  Abortion providers are losing money.  They are losing patients who seek abortions because, with abortion no longer an option, the funding can be used to assist pregnant women with their actual healthcare needs – theirs and their children’s.

And they are losing money to spread propaganda about homosexuality, transgenderism, and other alternative lifestyles.

Even more shocking is that the organizations who oppose the expansion of the Mexico City Policy are angry because…the policy works.  From their own mouths, they agree that it does significantly decrease the number of abortions performed in these nations.

The Center for Family and Human Rights was told by top officials in organizations like USAID, which advocates for international access to abortion, that the Trump administration’s expansion of the program has had a “huge, huge chilling effect” on pro-abortion activism in countries that receive U.S. health funding.

“It’s not irrational, the behavior that the Mexico City Policy has caused,” concluded [one organization official], “and I would say, yeah, unfortunately, it does work.”

The true extent of how these organizations operate can be found in the refusal of some to accept any health care funding at all if they cannot use the money for abortions.

Not only are they furious that their abortion mills can no longer be funded by American taxpayers, but now impoverished natives will lose access to real medical help in a case of “if I can’t do what I want with your money, then I don’t want it at all.”

What do you think of the ridiculous complaints filed in the CHANGE report and the anger being expressed by international organizations simply because they can no longer murder the unborn?  Leave us your thoughts.