This Leftist Star Used Media Platform To Raise Money For Planned Parenthood

Feminists have infiltrated TV entertainment in a major way, and often force their liberal viewpoints into the spotlight.

Even worse, some stars use their “fame” to raise money and influence leftist causes, which further drives the nail into the heart of conservative families.

And this latest TV star proved just how far one would go to boost TV ratings, while helping out Planned Parenthood.

In fact, actress Allison Janney and “Mom” co-executive producer Gemma Baker dropped off a $250k check directly into the hands of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, and admitted it was their real plan all along.

Even worse, they went on to sing the praises of Planned Parenthood, and how wonderful it is.

Breitbart reported:

“It just made sense,” Baker said. “We have an all-female cast, and it’s what our show does: We deal with serious issues. Our characters have dealt with teen pregnancy and breast cancer and sexual assault. This just seemed like a way of standing with an organization that is providing health care to millions of women.

“It’s not just about our donation,” Janney added, “but also to raise awareness of what’s happening, and encourage other people to donate as well.

Richards said, “There’s a lot of anxiety among women right now, particularly in the heartland of America where they are desperately concerned about losing access to affordable health care. I think it’s really great when they see an iconic star like Allison on a program like this dealing with the same issues that we deal with in our clinics every day.

Janney said her great-grandmother worked with Margaret Sanger, the pioneering birth-control activist who established what became Planned Parenthood. Janney’s grandmother also worked with Planned Parenthood. So did her mother.”

Of course, Richards loved the attention Planned Parenthood was receiving from popular leftist TV stars, and took full advantage of the opportunity to push her scare-tactic platform about women losing their “healthcare” because Trump is president.

And given Janney’s deep-rooted connection to Planned Parenthood, it’s clear she’s using her position to push her personal leftist viewpoints to the masses.

Even worse, the $250k donation was made public and received media coverage, as the “Mom” cast hopes to influence women watching at home to donate to Planned Parenthood too.

Feminists continue to push the false narrative that Planned Parenthood actually provides healthcare, and are scaring young women across the country to donate to Planned Parenthood in fear women will suffer if Planned Parenthood closes.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about ratings.

Janney even admitted she hoped once viewers found out “Mom” stars donated to Planned Parenthood, they would watch it even more.

Breitbart reported:

“I think for most of the viewers who are hard-core fans of ‘Mom,’ our support of Planned Parenthood will give them all the more reason to watch,” said Janney, who has won two Emmys for her performance,

So many TV shows are full of angry feminists who oppose the traditional family.

Parents should take caution and use discretion when allowing their children to watch television, and should not subject kids to leftist shows.

Do think Planned Parenthood provides healthcare to women?

What are your thoughts on “Mom” stars donating $250k to Planned Parenthood?

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