This Man Has The Blood Of Thousands Of Babies Upon His Hands

Unborn babies are in the fight of their lives.

Determined to pump up the pro-abort movement, one leftist billionaire just unleashed a bottomless war chest of funds into one of the biggest abortion supporters in the world.

Labeled as the number one enemy of the unborn, this man is dead set on eliminating all unborn life. And the most terrifying thing is, he’s got the funds to do it.

Even more gruesome, he does it with a smile and makes no apologies as unborn lives are slaughtered with his financial backing.

Evil to the core, George Soros has the blood of unborn babies on his hands, and his latest move shows just how serious he is at murdering innocent life.

Soros donated a mind-blowing $18 billion into his Open Society Foundations.

While the Open Society Foundation’s website claims to be “pro-women”, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Open Society Foundation website calls out conservatives and brags about promoting “safe” and legal abortion.

Their website discusses women’s “rights” and states their real agenda:

“A powerful opposition movement of both religious fundamentalists and political conservatives threatens the hard-fought advancements of women’s sexual and reproductive rights and justice.

The Women’s Rights Program supports initiatives that focus on countering coercive reproductive control measures; strengthening an affirmative framework for realizing sexual and reproductive rights, including promoting access to safe and legal abortion; and challenging the surveillance, criminalization, and punishment of women’s sexuality and behavior during pregnancy.”

But murdering a baby growing inside its mother’s womb is not pro-women.

It’s tragic, but Soros has no problem pretending to care about women, to further his pro-abort agenda.

He will use anyone and anything to push his radical agenda through.

LifeSite News reported:

“Soros is an “ATM for the abortion providers,” child advocacy attorney Liz Yore told the International Conference on Population Control today.

He has given “decades-long financial support (to) the enemies of life” and to movements that use environmental advocacy to mask their true goal of reducing the world’s population…

Soros is behind campaigns pushing same-sex “marriage” and abortion around the world.

He is bankrolling efforts to liberalize Poland and Ireland’s abortion laws and gave nearly $90 million to the feminist groups who protested Trump’s election.

After Trump was elected, Soros announced a $10 million initiative to track “hate crimes.” Some of this will fund “a common hate incident reporting database.”

George Soros has dedicated his life to fighting against all that is good in the world.

He’s relentless, but unlike some pro-abort activists who are just noise and can’t actually accomplish anything, Soros has the funds.

And he knows it.

But it’s not just Soros who is pumping major funds into the abortion industry.

Turns out his hate for unborn babies runs in the family.

LifeSite News continued:

“Soros has given tens of millions of dollars to the abortion chain, but his family has given even more. The Washington Free Beacon reports Soros’s daughter Andrea Soros Colombel donated $500,000 in August to the political arm of the abortion chain, Planned Parenthood Votes.

Her donation represents more than one quarter of all donations to the pro-abortion PAC this year, according to the report.

Last year, she also gave $1.25 million to the pro-abortion PAC, according to the report. Between her, her brothers and father, the Soros family appears to be one of the largest backers of the abortion chain.

Family head George Soros has given a whopping $246 million to pro-abortion groups, according to the Media Research Center. That includes $21 million to the top abortion business in America: Planned Parenthood.”

If billionaire George Soros has his way, abortions will be performed all the time, without any restrictions.

Thankfully, there are enough pro-life activists who are on the front lines fighting for innocent life.

And pro-life activists must continue to keep the pressure on politicians to pass pro-life legislation, as the survival of innocent life truly depends on it.

If America doesn’t protect life at its most vulnerable state, we are nothing.

What are your thoughts on pro-abort George Soros?

Do you think he has the blood of innocent babies on his hands?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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