This New Gun Ban Will Hurt Families Everywhere

Liberals are known for making controversial leftist policies which threaten traditional family values.

But their latest move not only aligns with their leftist views, it endangers the lives of American families.

And if liberals have their way, families across America are in serious trouble.

Liberal politicians are determined to disarm Americans.

In their twisted thinking, they believe taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens somehow makes America safe.

But as most Americans know, nothing could be further from the truth.

And studies show, in cities like Chicago where gun-bans were actually enforced, crime went up.

Breitbart reported:

“Breitbart News reported that Chicago witnessed nearly 4,400 shooting victims and almost 800 homicides in 2016. And the Chicago Tribune reported that the city passed 1,000 shooting victims this year before April concluded. This means Chicago is on track for a year similar to 2016 in pain and bloodshed, especially when one considers the elevated violence that comes with hot summer months.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s response? More gun control and continued limitations on law-abiding citizens’ rights to carry guns for self-defense.

The problem with Emanuel’s approach is that Chicago’s own history proves there were even more deaths when there was more gun control.”

Liberal mayors like Rahm Emanuel choose to ignore facts, but it’s families who suffer.

Chicago’s history proves by banning handguns, homicide rates increased.

And because of gun-bans like the one instituted in Chicago, innocent blood was shed, which could have been avoided had citizens been allowed to carry a gun.

Breitbart continued:

“Chicago banned handgun ownership in 1982, and that ban was in place until the Supreme Court of the United States struck it down in McDonald v Chicago (2010). During the years that this ban was in place, Chicago witnessed homicide rates that topped 2016 by a wide margin.

For example, the Chicago Police Department reports there were 850 homicides during 1993. That is nearly 100 more homicides in 1993 than CNN’s figure of 762 homicides in 2016. Moreover, the Chicago Police Department shows there were 930 homicides in 1994; 921 homicides in 1991; and a startling 940 homicides in 1992.

The figure of 940 homicides in 1992 is nearly 200 more that CNN reported for 2016.

All these murders have one thing in common: they occurred at a time when the city barred law-abiding citizens from possessing handguns for self-defense. They could not have them in their homes or vehicles, much less on their persons. This meant the criminal did not have to worry about his victims shooting back.”

By taking away guns, crime went up. It’s that simple.

If leftist families choose not to carry a gun, that’s their choice.

But by forcing their policies onto all Americans, liberals are endangering families everywhere.

Unfortunately, many major cities are run by liberal politicians who support gun-control.

And if leftist politicians have their way, families will be prohibited from carrying guns, leaving them sitting targets for criminals.

What would you do if handguns were banned in your city?

Do you think enforcing gun-control makes America safer?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below