This New Gun Ban Will Hurt Families Everywhere

Liberals are known for making controversial leftist policies which threaten traditional family values.

But their latest move not only aligns with their leftist views, it endangers the lives of American families.

And if liberals have their way, families across America are in serious trouble.

Liberal politicians are determined to disarm Americans.

In their twisted thinking, they believe taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens somehow makes America safe.

But as most Americans know, nothing could be further from the truth.

And studies show, in cities like Chicago where gun-bans were actually enforced, crime went up.

Breitbart reported:

“Breitbart News reported that Chicago witnessed nearly 4,400 shooting victims and almost 800 homicides in 2016. And the Chicago Tribune reported that the city passed 1,000 shooting victims this year before April concluded. This means Chicago is on track for a year similar to 2016 in pain and bloodshed, especially when one considers the elevated violence that comes with hot summer months.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s response? More gun control and continued limitations on law-abiding citizens’ rights to carry guns for self-defense.

The problem with Emanuel’s approach is that Chicago’s own history proves there were even more deaths when there was more gun control.”

Liberal mayors like Rahm Emanuel choose to ignore facts, but it’s families who suffer.

Chicago’s history proves by banning handguns, homicide rates increased.

And because of gun-bans like the one instituted in Chicago, innocent blood was shed, which could have been avoided had citizens been allowed to carry a gun.

Breitbart continued:

“Chicago banned handgun ownership in 1982, and that ban was in place until the Supreme Court of the United States struck it down in McDonald v Chicago (2010). During the years that this ban was in place, Chicago witnessed homicide rates that topped 2016 by a wide margin.

For example, the Chicago Police Department reports there were 850 homicides during 1993. That is nearly 100 more homicides in 1993 than CNN’s figure of 762 homicides in 2016. Moreover, the Chicago Police Department shows there were 930 homicides in 1994; 921 homicides in 1991; and a startling 940 homicides in 1992.

The figure of 940 homicides in 1992 is nearly 200 more that CNN reported for 2016.

All these murders have one thing in common: they occurred at a time when the city barred law-abiding citizens from possessing handguns for self-defense. They could not have them in their homes or vehicles, much less on their persons. This meant the criminal did not have to worry about his victims shooting back.”

By taking away guns, crime went up. It’s that simple.

If leftist families choose not to carry a gun, that’s their choice.

But by forcing their policies onto all Americans, liberals are endangering families everywhere.

Unfortunately, many major cities are run by liberal politicians who support gun-control.

And if leftist politicians have their way, families will be prohibited from carrying guns, leaving them sitting targets for criminals.

What would you do if handguns were banned in your city?

Do you think enforcing gun-control makes America safer?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below



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  1. Gary D Flatt says:

    The more guns, in the hands of honest people the fewer thugs.

  2. Donald Lindsey says:

    If liberals have their way, families across America are in serious trouble. Liberal politicians are determined to disarm Americans. In their twisted thinking, they believe taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens somehow makes America safe.

    But one thing they do not tell anyone is the facts that they are paid by Drug cartel and others who push for disarming the law bidden citizens but still allow drug gangs, illegals and radical muslims to own any kind of weapon, it is your life that is in danger and these SOB’s do not want getting shot as they enter your home. The one they want shot is you as the rape your wives and daughters.

    So to these TREASONOUS TRAITORS of the Radical Liberal Socialistic Democratic Party is this, you come you die I will keep my guns loaded and ready for your ass. USMC and damn well proud.

  3. way2confused says:

    Ever notice most mass murders via guns are in “gun free zones”?

  4. Of course these SCUMOCRATS/RINOS want Law -abiding citizens disarmed..Easier to “take over” and let their “friends” commit crimes with no fear of being SHOT. NOW it is OUR turn to “RESIST” and FIGHT the status-quo.

    • That was the reason for the 2nd amendment to prevent the government from ruling your life. However, as you noticed the 8 years of OBama and they hoped it was going to be 8 years of Hillary that the plan was to make this a socialist/communist country. Remember what OBama said to Putin in the oval office right before the 2012 election (there was a hot mic and OBam did not know it) but he told Putin wait till after the election and I will be able to do more….SO WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT. AND THE LIBERALS ARE WORRIED ABOUT TRUMP…THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS NO LONGER DEMOCRATS, THEY ARE SOCIALISTIC/COMMUNISTS.

      • Ron,
        They are worried about PRESIDENT TRUMP because he is throwing the proverbial monkey wrench into their nefarious plans of complete domination.
        (hence the ATTEMPTED COMMUNIST-Type “takeover” that FAILED when HITLERY was NOT “elected”. ) Stay tuned…more Russia- Russia- Russia fake “news” coming. And of course if THAT fails they will DREAM UP something else to harp about, and the Lame stream corrupt media will push it as fact.. The “poor little DNC/RINO snowflakes” just cannot believe with all their “rigging” “voter fraud:” pre-programmed SOROS “voting” machines,, and allowing ILLEGALS, and incarcerated prisoners to vote, their HAG STILL LOST. “We the People” have spoken loud and clear.

        • Well said, and I may add that if the liberals try to take away our gun rights they will soon learn for fact what conservatives have said about gun control for so long. Civil unrest will yield survival of the fitest.

          • Tony B,
            Locked and loaded, trained, and practice daily. have plenty of ammo. “they” may get me, but a few will “go” with me if they try.

          • Joyce Conner Anderson says:

            Then I urge you to pay attention to local and state law makers where you are I have been reading about legislatures in different states trying to get laws passed that would enable guns to be confiscated without “due process of law”. We have many parts of the whole to fight. I am just now trying to find the best way to do that myself. God bless us all.

          • carpkiller says:

            Oregon. 100% demo. They just will not be able to understand the increase in crime either. There law could be beaten but I doubt anybody will try.

      • Joyce Conner Anderson says:

        I think that Obama was talking about selling more of America’s enriched Uranium to Russia. Hilliary helped make that deal and a sample was taken to Russia by none other that the former head of the FBI, MULLER. The one who is trying to oust Trump now. No my friend, America was not being “groomed” for a communist/socialist takeover. Obama is Muslim . He has been grooming our great nation for a Muslim takeover. It was Bernie Sanders who wanted to turn our country Socialist and Hilliary took him out of the race.

    • TinStarred says:

      BINGO, ………’s not about crime at all, it’s about “control”. Only the foolish and clueless would be willing to give it to them. Throughout history, it has never ended well when the guns were confiscated or outlawed. This is the main reason the Second Amendment was placed in the Constitution in the first place, ……….crime deterrence is just a bonus.

  5. Peter Joffe says:

    AS has been stated a millions time. If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. Nothing more needs to be said.

    • Donald Lindsey says:

      Outlaws in to days world is the Illegals, muslims and the Democratic Liberal Socialistic Party

      • Red Steiner says:

        Yours is the best definition of what is causing and allowing the Muslims and their Dim buddies to kill unarmed citizens. Don’t ban guns ban muslims and dims.

    • TinStarred says:

      ………… is, actually, ……… simple as that …………………’s not rocket science, all the data supports it. The only people that obey gun laws are already law abiding citizens, therefore these laws are useless for preventing criminals from getting guns. Armed, law abiding citizens, however, have proven to be a effective deterrent to crime and the FBI crime data bears this out.

  6. As the saying goes: “When guns are outlawed, outlaws will have guns.” The Left have their heads up their…

    • TinStarred says:

      “Know guns, no crime, …….no guns, know crime.”

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


        • TinStarred says:

          Irene, ….it’s not a matter of belief, it’s based on actual data. Areas with the strictest gun laws have higher crime rates than areas that allow firearms to be carried by the populace. The data is national crime data from all over the US, compiled by the FBI. Criminals tend to gravitate to “gun free zones” ……….less chance of an encounter, same goes for potential terrorists. After 30 yrs in law enforcement,I know this to be true, regardless of what the left espouses. Thankfully, our President is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Perhaps you didn’t read my post correctly.

        • READY2SCRAP says:

          One of Many, many qoutes about disarming our country…
          time to wake up:  Before a standing army can rule, the people “MUST BE DISARMED” as they are in almost every Kingdom in Eroupe…

           The supreme power in America cannot enforce “UNJUST LAWS BY THE SWOARD” BECAUSE THE WHOLE BODY OF THE PEOPLE ARE ARMED, and constitute a forece superior to any band of regular troops, that can be on any pretence, raised in the United States” — Quote from:
          Noah Webster, an Examination into the leading principles of the Federal Constitution 1787…

          • Joyce Conner Anderson says:

            Your words are so true. I pray that Americans listen and fight against laws that want to take our guns. European countries are being taken over From Within. Yes, I am speaking of the Muslim refugees. This is the very same method used to takeover other,previously, Christian, or Hindu , Buddist, etc. for the last 600 years or more. Don’t believe it then I beg you to research on your own. Furthermore, check out the Mosques going up all over America. Did you watch the last riot in England where the Muslims taunted the “UNARMED” British citizens by declaring that ” England was Theirs now”. They will not assimilate there either.

        • Red Steiner says:

          Off your meds again Lizzie?

      • Round House Zulu says:

        “NO liberals, not crime,……No liberals (democrats) no crime!”

    • Mad Scientist says:

      When said heads are not stuck in the sand.

  7. Criminals and thugs are behind most of the gun laws. They prefer unarmed prey. Our choice is to take charge of our own security or allow the government which will not do the job properly.

  8. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    There is need of only two types of gun control and they are 1) Practice till you can hit what you aim for 10 out of 10 times and 2) Police are allowed to shoot to kill without fear of being sued. You can make millions on betting these IGNORANT LIBERAL MORONS who demand gun control for everyone have hired guns protecting them and tax payers are footing the bil. Rahm and de Blasio are the two biggest Hipocrics next to Obammy there is in America. All LIBERALS should be made to house the illegals and criminals they get off with little to no punishment and that includes all the sickos claiming they are men trapped in a man’s body. Let see how fast these IDIOTS change their minds or in their cases get a mind to think with.

  9. jim mccollum says:

    I espouse to the Charleton Heston principle.

  10. albany le says:

    Leave our alone. Without self protection everyone is at risk.

  11. Darlene J Lapp Scott says:

    Hell yes-not even bad thugs wants to get shot-look at media now–even though my son robbed u at gunpoint doesn’t mean you had to shoot him—

  12. StingraySFO says:

    There is only one thing to be said about gun control, which is ……..
    Americans are literally at war with the left since November 2016.

  13. The left (wealthy Democrats, Hollywood morons and the left congressional people) all have body guards, but they want to disarm you. TAKE GUNS FROM HONEST LAW ABIDING PEOPLE AND ONLY THE CRIMINALS WILL HAVE GUNS. THEY DO NOT TAKE TRAINING COURSES OR PURCHASE THEM LEGGALY BECAUSE MOST 99% COULD NOT PASS A BACKGROUND CHECK.

  14. So these liberals all live behind locked gates with security. The average person does not. I lock my door all day and all night to keep my loved ones safe because my only alternative is to call 911 because I do not have private security or bodyguards. Even Obama built a 4 million dollar wall around his new home. There are more gun laws now than ever and still the criminals get guns. Taking away law abiding citizens guns only falls into their agenda where they think we cannot fight back. Too bad they do not take into account the criminals who will have all the guns. I guess they think they can reason with them. The logic is so illogically it cannot even be believed. They should go to a battle zone in any neighborhood city and see what it is like. The bigger the city the bigger the problem. I am sure they would be the first ones to call for help should their fail systems totally fail.

  15. Annonymous Person says:

    Most Liberals in Congress and in government down to the local levels are WELL aware that taking away guns from law abiding citizens will do nothing to decrease crime, and will actually INCREASE it. They can read statistics just as well as we can. So then – the question is then WHY do they REALLY want to take guns away from law abiding citizens? Uh, so that only THEY, (and their armies), have them, and whoever has the guns CONTROLS the people. It has nothing whatsoever to do with our “safety.” They know this just as well as WE do, and it NEVER has had anything to do with OUR safety – maybe theirs???. THIS is the elephant in the room that everyone is afraid to talk about. As Mark Levin always says, “THERE I SAID IT.”

  16. they will never get mine that I know

  17. Benjamin Michel says:

    Ron has his body guards so he does not care about any one else

  18. Funny how the guys who put these laws into effect are the ones who have SECURITY with them – that have- you guessed it – GUNS!!! HYPOCRITES all the way…what are they afraid
    of? The same thing their constituents are – except we don’t have armed guards to protect us – cause we are paying for you TO DO YOUR JOB (which by the way – you aren’t doing)…

  19. There are just so many crooks and politicians and when they are shot the country will be better off and can recover from the mistakes from being ran into the ground by these damn Democraps….

  20. David VanBockel says:

    It is a perennial contradiction: welfare recipients rarely want handguns, which may be why they remain welfare recipients.


    • Joyce Conner Anderson says:

      This is one of the main things on President Trumps agenda. The term limits would be a wonderful thing for our country but think about who would Not think is is a wonderful thing? Many politicians go into politics as a Career now. Have been for about 50 years. They have a set up to serve in the Congress and Senate for as long as they can then become “advisors”( think lobbyest) after those days are gone, Please ask your self how these Politicians own several homes and declare income in the millions as it is? Maxine Waters, for example, lives in a 4.3 million dollar home. How did she afford that on $175,000 a year salary for nearly 40 years. Look up Nancy Pelosi and her worth. Most of the older politicians are multimillionaires. Where did the money come from?

  22. My thoughts: I am a U S citizen ,a vet and I live by the constitution. It has the second amendment. So all you liberal Bastard can go F screw K yourselves.

  23. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  24. Donald Luksan says:

    No one will ever take my guns.We live in a free society,there would be a mass revolt if anyone ever tried to take any guns.

    • Joyce Conner Anderson says:

      They are already trying it, Donald. It is being sneaked into different bills into legislature of states and then on to DC.
      Please start looking into state politics as well as national politics in the news.

  25. George T Horvat says:

    There would be a revolt if such a ban were to be instituted in Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Up here, every household is a mini-armory. Notice to Rahm Emanual: come up here and try to take our guns away and you’ll wind up looking just like the Swiss Cheese that Wisconsin is so famous for.

  26. Linda Paul says:

    If a law was passed to prohibit firearms, there would instantly be 100 million more criminals because we would refuse to obey. Molan Labe.

  27. David Kibodeaux says:

    All I got to say is bullshit

  28. If handguns were banned, I’d start carrying concealed, daily.

  29. The criminals will be the only one with guns. If they really want to do something they should outlaw the bullets for the assault guns for anyone but the military and police. More ideology from the people who want guns outlawed that belongs in the classroom. All the people in office who want guns outlawed live behind gated communities with walls around their homes. They want the rest of us to leave our doors “unlocked” and no way to protect ourselves.

    • The military and the Police are the only ones that have “assault guns” (and some criminals that have stolen, or sneaked in said weapons)
      We everyday “common folk” have “semi-auto” weapons. “assault weapon” is a DEMOCOMMIE/RINO “term” to attempt to scare the people that do not know or understand firearms. I will TRY…An “assault weapon” is a FULL automatic firing, capable firearm. Can fire semi, three round burst, OR full automatic fire with flipping a selector on the weapon. You can empty a complete magazine (or “clip” as some people call them) by holding down the trigger. (hard to control by untrained persons) The ones WE “common” law-abiding citizens are “allowed” to own, are semi-automatic capable ONLY. You must pull the trigger each time to fire 1 round.

  30. Howard Last says:

    I would liked to have a reporter at a BloominIdiot news conference ask, “are those rather large police officers with you armed?”

    Can someone explain this to me? A 5′-2″ unarmed women is supposed to fight off a rapist, but the 6′-2″ police officers investigating the crime are armed.

  31. Thank you pappy for the info. If one is talking only about murders and other deaths in a civilian setting (not wartime or other settings), then the most common would likely be one of: 7.62×39 (AK family), 9mmx19 Parabellum (most handguns), or the .40 S&W (majority of police handguns). Apart from their use in crimes most killings by privately owned guns are suicides and accidents. The statistics do not show this information but lump it altogether in a format that suits their purposes at the time. I like the comment “A 5′-2″ unarmed women is supposed to fight off a rapist, but the 6′-2″ police officers investigating the crime are armed.” The info givers on gun information go home to their security gated communities with walls.

  32. Round House Zulu says:

    Do you think enforcing gun-control makes America safer? Of course not! Gun control is for total government control of the people.

  33. Carry a gun, regardless of whether it is illegal or not.
    Anyone who tries to take it away, or subject you to enforcement; kill them.
    It’s a matter of self defense.
    Just remember, that makes you an outlaw, a criminal, and a murderer in their eyes. And the howling mob of government stooges, news nuts, and brainwashed citizens will come down on you with every resource they have available.
    Think carefully.
    Act decisively.

  34. Every Congressman and woman, offices in the U.S. Government, HAVE TO SWEAR TO
    ABIDE BY THE US CONSTITUTION. This will be a time to check off a list of those ‘anti-American congressmen and women, who are voting to change the American’s People’s
    Right to Our U.S. Constitutional Rights, Freedoms, Liberty, and the U.S. Laws formed by
    Our Christian Forefathers, (NOT FASCISTS, COMMUNISTS, devil worshipers) We have
    seen the warmonger Soros/Obama Communists and their lack of moral ethics. We have
    heard about Obama’s after office treason, his selling to China and any other countries
    who want a payoff for making the U.S. Pharmaceuticals (contaminated). Our Samsung
    TV’s, i Phones, and who knows what other government agencies are bugging all U.S.
    homes. Obama is the USA enemy at war with the USA

  35. Lets put it another way, I have a gun and now I have the opportunity to shoot the idiot with a gun pointed at them, trying to shoot, or rape, or breaking into my home, or car. IF Congress
    will do their job of doing what the U.S. Citizens (not the jaded minded elected) want for
    keeping America OURS. If Congress escorts the illegal immigrant criminals back to their country’s penitentiaries Lockup, and the immature US idiots without their IQ or US ethics,
    into prison, the guns in America are under the control of patriotic U.S. Citizens. It is TIME
    FOR TERM LIMITS. The “GOOD OLD BOYS and GIRLS” have lost their ‘ethics and
    righteous decisions to join the “dirty politics, broken oaths, and laws, and honor to the voters.” You have been in politics toooo long, when you have lost your pride and patriotism to the USA.

    • Joyce Conner Anderson says:

      Well said. So much more eloquently than I did, Capa760. but I am an older lady late into politics. Oh I always listened and voted but the Jihadi minded Muslims being brought into our country in droves made me realize that even we retired Americans need to be active. Have any others here been reading about the Muslim Somali loving mayor of Minneapolis defending her Somali Muslim cop for killing the woman from Australia who had called 911 to report a possible crime taking place? That city got Thousands of Somali muslims Assigned to them. Who assigns? I do not know but that was an Obama program that is still going on. I understand there will be more. Also, that very few Christians are being “rescued” to come here……..

  36. It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 !!

  37. The reason the dems don’t want people to have guns? It makes it easier for muslims to break into our homes and take control of us. All the liberal dems love muslims and are all for them taking over in this country.

  38. rape murder robber up. house break ins up fools you will die

  39. I.m so a scared a gun is in the house it might shoot me well that guy that’s breaking in will hahaha

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