This One Stereotype Is Crushing Working Moms

Working moms are a sight to behold – they really do it all.

From the most important job of all, being a mother to the next generation, they somehow manage to fulfill that role and more.

But there’s an increasing amount of pressure being placed on working moms, and as it turns out, it’s causing moms to become anxious and burnout.

As every mom can attest to, raising children is a blessing, but it is hard work!

Moms have to put their own needs aside, to care for their little ones.

Whether its forgoing sleep because your baby is hungry, or letting your food get cold at dinner while you feed your children first, moms have learned how to sacrifice.

And to those moms who work, the burden is even greater.

Some moms work fulltime jobs and then come home to a family to care for.

Other moms balance working from home, and having to accomplish their massive to-do list AND care for their children at the same time!

Husbands often (and rightfully so) stand in awe and wonder how moms are able to accomplish so much, all at once.

While moms are awesome and do manage to get it all done, the myth of “doing it all” haunts them and often leads to burnout.

Some moms feel “less than” because the dishes aren’t all done, or the clothes are dirty.

Other moms become discouraged as they stare at their cluttered countertop, or cringe when they get in their car and find cereal stuffed between the seats again.

And as it turns out, moms are becoming overwhelmed with the myth of “having to do it all.”

One mom reports about the sheer panic and pressure she feels, having to live up to the notion of being a “perfect mom.”

Scary Mommy reported:

“I tell myself: This is what you wanted. You signed up for this. You have it all, and you are lucky. You shouldn’t complain. And yes, I get that. I get that it’s a privilege to have what I have. And I appreciate it. I don’t take it for granted for a second.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t admit that it’s just too much – that one woman should not have to take on the roles of what should basically amount to two whole people. And forget about what this does to my mental and physical health.

When I have a week where my work deadlines are piling up to the sky, my kids are cranky or sick, and like one other little thing goes wrong with the house or the bills or whatever – I am apt to completely lose it.”

And this mom is not alone.

Every working mom is often bound to feel the stress of “trying to do it all.”

But moms, take heart!

In the eyes of your child, you are the perfect mom.

You are the one who kisses their scraped knee and nurses them back to health.

It’s okay if the dishes pile up for a few days, or the laundry isn’t folded.

Spend time with your children and focus on what is most important.

And remember to give yourself a break!

It’s important to work hard, yes. Maybe your family even needs two working parents to survive.

But please take the pressure off yourself to “do it all”, and rest in the confidence that you are fulfilling the most important role of all – being a mother to your children.

What stereotypes do you think working moms often have to overcome?

Do you really think it’s possible for working moms to “do it all”?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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