This Poll Reveals Americans’ Thoughts On Pence’s ‘Dining Rule’

When Vice President Mike Pence said he would not dine alone with a woman other than his wife, liberals went nuts.

Feminists took to Twitter and accused him of “excluding women” and “narrowing their opportunities to get ahead.”

But a recent poll given to everyday Americans about the ‘dining rule’ just came back, and the results have stunned feminists into silence.

The poll asked everyday Americans to comment on the ‘dining rule’ to gauge what most people felt about married couples dining with a member of the opposite sex.

At no surprise to conservatives, the results of the poll have further enraged feminists, as they’ve learned most Americans actually agree with Vice President Mike Pence.

And to further add to feminists’ outrage over the poll, the results were published in The New York Times, a paper known to despise the Trump administration.

Breitbart reports:

“It was none other than the New York Times, declared foe of the Trump administration, to publish the results of a survey showing that U.S. citizens believe that married people need to be careful in their dealings with the opposite sex if they want to be faithful to their spouses.

A majority of women and nearly half of men, say it’s unacceptable to have dinner or drinks alone with someone of the opposite sex other than their spouse,” writes Claire Cain Miller in her analysis of the poll’s findings.

Overall, “people thought dinner or drinks with a member of the opposite sex other than a spouse was the most inappropriate, with more people disapproving than approving,” Miller said. “Lunch and car rides were less objectionable, but more than a third of people said they were inappropriate.”

Feminists can’t handle the thought anyone could possibly disagree with them.

Instead of accepting the fact they are on the losing end of the battle, feminists often respond with faux rage and dramatic protests in the streets, claiming they are “standing up for all women” by rejecting conservative policies.

But as they just learned, most Americans are, in fact, conservative and support traditional values.

Americans are tired of feminists trying to force their leftist views onto American families.

Feminists think anyone who disagrees with them “hates women.”

Vice President Mike Pence has set a boundary to honor his marriage by not dining with a woman who is not his wife, and most Americans completely support his decision.

This has nothing to do with holding women back, or being sexist.

Feminists need to stop turning everything into an attack on women.

In fact, leftist feminists are the first ones to attack any woman who doesn’t agree with their policies, like Tamara Holder’s recent remarks on stating all the women working for President Trump must have “small brains.”

Feminists need to get their own house in order, and stop crying victim at every turn.

What are your thoughts on the ‘dining rule’ Mike Pence has decided to follow? Why do you think feminists continue to fight against traditional values?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. A great and thought provoking column. Pence, as Rev. Graham before him, is exactly right in choosing to not dine alone with the opposite sex. It would be comical if it were not so serious that the hypocritical feminists are the ones who show disdain for women who do not kowtow to their ridiculous and immoral views. No, it doesn’t make us “anti-feminist” because we as women, believe that butchering womb babies because they happen to be an “inconvenience” is WRONG, or that we shouldn’t be “selective” about female victims of sexual crimes based on who the perp is (as Hillary Clinton suggests when she “covers” for the disgusting and illegality of her own husband’s actions). True feminism is supporting those values we hold dear, and being able to disagree at times without labeling those whose opinions we do not share, as “small brained, deplorable, bigoted”,etc. It really is sad,not to mention, frustrating that those “feminists” who preach tolerance, show so little of it themselves.

    • James Innewmex says:

      Absolutely agree. In marriage, we need to be “all in.”

    • Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      I’ve always said that marriage is like a job. You have to ‘WORK’ at it to make it work. It can’t be one giving all, the other giving none. Each spouse should give 100% of themselves to it. If there are problems work on them, don’t just throw your hands up & quit.

  2. Vicki Kuner Mattingly says:

    avoid temptation good rule

  3. Cynthia Hotchkiss says:

    I stand with Vice President Pence. Honor your spouse and take dinner and drinks off the table if your spouse is not there. Also the comment that he is hold women back from advancing is a very sexist comment. I should be advanced in my job due to my work performance, not because I have drinks and dinner with my superior. I never would dine out for a promotion and I did very well advancing my work positions based on my work over the year, at one point when my husband had a chance to start his own business in a new town, my bosses came to,me with an offer that was extremely hard to turn down as I was leaving the company to go with my husband(our marriage was shaky at the time). They offered my a fully paid off condo a car the furnishings and an almost doubled salary to move my kids with me to California, I lived in Arizona at the time. They knew my marriage was stressed and wanted me to stay with the company, I did not even consider the offer and turned them down as I was raised marriage was for life and you follow your husband. Although my marriage did not survive I never regretted my choice to try to work it out or to not take the offer I was given.

  4. Ann Reynolds says:


  5. Mathew Molk says:

    There are 3 distinct realities. The “faux” reality of the leftists and MSM. The reality of the sanctimonious PC right and the the ACTUAL reality of the real world.

    To say NEVER is just plain dumb. I would have no problem having dinner with my Mom, sister, niece etc. They are (or in my mom’s case who died last year) women. When I was a policeman I had women partners too. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner together all the time. After I got off the job I had women work for me and many times we rode in the same vehicle together. We also stopped for a cold one or 2 after work on the way back to the barn as often as I did with one of the guys. (Girls working in our industry ARE considered one of the guys)

    My point is we are not filthy moslems(sic) and while I certainly do not approve of asking your secretary for a date. when in a purely platonic situation I have no problem at all being seen with “another women:” — That is totally un-American.

    I do like like VP Pence but making these blanket statements is just plane dumb and could easily come back to bite you in the ass.

    • Combatvet52 says:

      In all thank you for your service as a policeman…….You guys don’t get thanked enough for putting your life on the line every time you stepped out the door.

    • marshmil1789 says:

      A Vice President, Member of Congress, Magistrate, member of the clergy or person in a similar public eye position is in a totally different arrangement than one of us regular guys. They have to be far more “circumspect” in what they do publicly. They are constantly on the public stage where enemy “snakes” are watching their every move and ready to strike for the slightest appearance of impropriety.

      • Excellent point Marshmil. As the DC crowd often says, “Optics matter.” In this internet, short-attention-span, lack-of-historical-understanding culture, a Facebook Post with a specious question is all it takes to gin up the bloodthirsty crowd and fuel rumors and speculation. As with this stupid, foolish waste of time called the “russia collusion,” where over and over and over we are told there is nothing there, A SPECULATIVE HEADLINE IN ALL CAPS is all the idiocracy needs with their morning cup of coffee.

        I might add, if you want to watch a liberal’s head explode, explain to them that Pence is the guy they get for President if their witch hunt faux outrage faux impeachment proceedings succeed. And then remind them that the VP will more than likely be Mike Hucklebee. Grab some popcorn and watch the fireworks. It’s quite fun.

        • marshmil1789 says:

          Thank you Just Me. I like the way you compose. Wouldn’t it be great if like fireworks, after liberals’ heads explode we couldn’t hear them again!

    • marshmil1789 says:

      Thank you for your service as a law enforcement officer.


    • marshmil1789 says:

      Monty you summed it up perfectly. Consider too that “feminists” feel they do not “fit” in so rather than acknowledge the fact they look elsewhere to place the blame. It’s like blaming a whole pyramid when one rock does not fit into a slot it was carved for.

    • Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      Most REAL women enjoy being treated like they’re precious, instead of a cheap affair.

  7. freedomchoice says:

    It’s fine with me. That is his choice. Shame on the rest who don’t agree. The morons should focus something that is more important, like the country’s safety

  8. David in MA says:

    Nothing wrong with the Pence Policy, nothing at all wrong.

  9. jim mccollum says:

    I think most happily married men have enough self control to dine alone with another woman without creating a problem. The problem these days is that feminists have gotten so deeply sick in their methods and can ruin a man and his family with simple untrue accusation. We men are not the problem; you women are!

    • marshmil1789 says:

      Your comment will obviously stir up intense anger among feminists but that’s their problem jim. Some people can’t tolerate stability and will go to utmost lengths to stir up discord. It is a sure sign their personal lives are on the rocks. By their fruits you shall know them.

  10. coconuisse says:

    It would be especially wrong for a conservative “officeholder” to dine with a woman not his wife as there would no doubt be many far-left witnesses eager to report on the debauchery of the office holder no matter what the circumstances of the dinner might be. Lesser personages than a conservative “officeholder” would do well to copy Pence’s lead in this matter since the chances are high that a busybody would be nearby, perfectly willing to spread the gossip that would destroy the lesser personages’ marriage.

  11. Billy Graham agreed with Pence too. He wouldn’t get in an elevator alone with a woman 🙂 If it was good enough for Billy, it should be good enough for any other man 🙂

  12. Willie Reeves says:

    LOL, what clowns you all are.

  13. Pamela Sue Therrien says:

    The wisdom of Pence’s choice is not so much about his own temptation although avoiding such is also wise, but the the wicked mind sets and slanderous mouths and hurtful words slings and arrows of others which can also bring so much damage to marriage or reputation earned or not. Wisdom folks just plain wisdom.

  14. OK, I give up – where are the poll results.

    PS. Is there a good journalist on either side these days.

    • Mary A. Daniels says:

      Yes, where are they? I don’t disagree with this deduction, but if you take a poll you should fully release the result.

  15. And being a conservative in the public eye, constant scrutiny and speculation is inevitable. The fake news would love to broadcast pictures of him having dinner with a woman who is not his wife! He is very smart.

  16. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    I agree as a married man I will not dine with another woman unless said woman is family. As for drinks that is an even worse thing than eating alone with a woman. Booze can and normally does cause nothing but trouble for all concerned. I do not drink and even if I did it would never be with a woman other than my wife no matter who that woman is.

  17. Vice President Pence’s policy is a logical one from many standpoints. To some, dining can be considered an intimate experience and therefore should not be done between a married man or woman and someone of the opposite sex. We should however define “dine” for this policy. I doubt that V.P. Pence would stop a woman he was conversing with on the street from buying a couple of hotdogs from a vendor for the two of them to eat in front of one another.
    Aside from traditional marital respect, there are just too many social traps that can be set for a high profile married person to be “dining” alone with only one other person of the opposite sex.

  18. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    As a Christian, I totally agree with him. Men in politics, or ministers, can be put in a compromising situation, that totally destroys their credibility. My middle son is a minister, & ever since he started preaching, he won’t see a woman alone, unless his wife or somebody else is present. It’s saved him a lot of trouble through the years. He also shuns the movie stores out of the premise that somebody could accuse him of renting porn. My d.i.l. does the same thing about being alone with a man other than her husband, unless it’s a family member. Is their marriage perfect because of that? Absolutely not. But, it has prevented anyone of accusing them of having an affair, or coming on to somebody. VP Pence is very smart in doing this. It protects his wife from slanderous remarks, plus keeps some floozy from accusing him of something. Whether it could be proven, or not, wouldn’t matter to most liberals. They have absolutely NO sense of fair play!

  19. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    The females who call themselves feminists for the most part not all but well over half of them HATE men. All one needs to see this is fact is look at how at one University some so called feminists took the picture of every male coming into the school and called them rapists and for no other reason than they might have sex with a female. Hillary who is supposedly the greatest Feminist called the women that Willie conned into to his bed bimbos and liars even after proof was given that he was sleeping with these women. So when the word feminists is used one has to automatically think men Haters and more often than not Lesbian. Now there are many women who stand up for themselves but are not above accepting politeness see it is considered being polite to hold a door or push in a chair for a woman. Even in this day of liberation it is still or SHOULD BE acceptable. It does not infer weakness or inability. I do it for anyone and most people take it for what it is a act of politeness. I have people do it for me becauseI have to use a cane to get around and it does not bother me to have it done I thank the person and go on about my business. Sadly politeness and kindness have been thrown out in society but when good is thrown out of everything else being civil is the first thing to go.

  20. Married parties both walk a fine line in relation to any sort of personal situation with the opposite sex in a private setting, even at work. Going out in a crowd to dinner is one thing, going alone is quite another. And it does lead to gossip, etc.. And in this environment any man or woman in a committed relationship needs to be careful unless they do not care what is said. Also in this current environment even a crowd of employees is no guarantee some thing will still not be said, exaggerated, or just plain lied about. This has happened recently. The media and the gossips of the libturds just cannot resist, restrain, refrain from exaggerating, lying, misrepresenting!

  21. Doris Will says:

    How do the feminists find the time to work their way up the corporate ladder and still find the time to run the the country, making rules for married couples, demonstrate in marches, knit their pink p—-y cat hats. There’s an idea for conservative women: knit cigars to top the pp cat hats, dress in blue dresses and hit the streets to demonstrate against real perverts. We would like to hear from from the husbands of feminist who haven’t been divorced, about how they feel about this feminists thing, that is if you are allowed to think and have thoughts or feelings.


  23. Jerome Hartwig says:

    I want to know how the question was phased before I believe this report. Was it phrased that he HAS a right to feel that way or was it phrased that he IS right to feel that way. i would agree that he has a right to feel the way but I disagree that he is right to feel that way.

  24. Doctors follow the same policy. In case other people assume a scandal and gossip, or in case the patient herself makes a false allegation.

  25. What do I think? I think the “feminists” that raise a fuss about every stinking little thing… are simply women who are pissed off that they aren’t men. My wife (and millions of other wives) would be thrilled if their husbands only dined alone with their wives.

  26. Camille Gilliam says:

    VP Pence is a true gentleman, he is also a Christian and doesn’t want to do anything that could ruin his marriage. The church i belong to had a minister who had affairs at the church, he lost his family, his job including his retirement.It isn’t worth the risk.

  27. gorilla1964 says:

    I agree with him completely.

  28. It is no wonder that men are “gun shy” especially in politics of being alone with any woman. The media would crucify them.

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