This Pro-Life Group Silences Liberal Critics With Epic Video Rebuttal

One leftist TV “comedian” decided to openly mock Save the Storks, a pro-life group who is dedicated to saving babies’ lives.

But his careless words backfired in a big way, as he gave tons of publicity to this pro-life group, increasing awareness of the life-saving work they perform.

And in an epic response, Save the Storks released an incredible video so powerful, it left critics silenced.

Save the Storks could have faced humiliation and sunk into the shadows.

But they didn’t.

Instead, they seized the opportunity to tell the world about how their organization truly saves lives, by offering free ultrasounds to pregnant women.

The Christian Post reported:

“In response to a recent attack on Save the Storks by HBO’s John Oliver, the organization decided to show why their ministry is so effective.

Save the Storks believes their Mother’s Day video will redefine what is possible for pro-life Americans.

“There are untold millions who have long been eager to come to the aid of would-be mothers in crisis; millions who believe they have limited opportunities to make a real difference.

That changes today.

This Mother’s Day campaign gives pro-life Americans the tools to make an impact wherever they are,” Victoria Robinson, director of external relations at Save the Storks, said in a statement shared with The Christian Post.

“Had information and resources like this been available to me when I was a young mother in crisis, I would have made vastly different choices.

Every would-be mother has a fundamental right to understand all of her options during pregnancy, and we can’t wait to see how expanding on the success of Storks will transform countless lives forever.”

Wow, talk about living it out.

Save the Storks is a class act.

They break the mold in showing what it means to fight darkness with truth and light.

The truth is when a woman sees an ultrasound of her unborn baby, something inside of her changes.

And Save the Storks reports that 4 out of 5 woman who board their stork bus, choose life!

Abortion is harder to justify when mothers see the baby growing inside her is actually alive, well, and kicking.

And pro-aborts know this, which is why they try and hastily rush women through their cold doors, and quickly kill the baby inside of her.

This leftist “comedian” tried to paint the picture of crisis pregnancy centers as “deceptively” steering women away from abortion.

As if showing a mother a picture of her baby is deceptive.

The disregard liberals have for life isn’t only disheartening, it’s sickening.

If anything, abortion clinics are the ones living in deception, as they claim to be “pro-women”, yet all they care about is making money off of women and slaughtering unborn lives in the process.

And while HBO “comedians” may mock groups like Save the Storks, they’re missing one important fact – truth cannot be silenced.

As Save the Storks continues their lifesaving work, more babies will have the chance at life.

Below you can watch this powerful pro-life video by Save the Storks released just in time for Mother’s Day.

Props to Save the Storks, for staying focused on their mission, and saving countless babies’ lives.

Do you think ultrasounds save lives?

Why do you think liberals are so terrified to let pregnant mothers have an ultrasound?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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